hot Taiwanese girl

  1. skytntsun
    This spa location is YONGE/ FINCH, the door is front of H-mart korea supermarket. Saw Dora on Friday. Actually I wanted to book Julia whom I'm a repeat customer of, but she is off and keeper ask me try to new girl.

    Dora is came from Taiwan and quite attractive in her own way. She isn't as spicy hot sexy like Julia but more of the innocent good girl type. The type you would never expect to be a MM if you saw her on the street. A bit shy at first, but once she warms up.... all I can say is that I was both very surprised and very happy.

    Face B+
    Not drop dead gorgeous, but a gentle beauty that is easy on the eyes. Her face is natural and she doesn't wear much make-up. Its a very refreshing change from the typical face that you see everywhere these days.

    Body A-
    Tall girl, very long legs. Natural all over including organic B cups. Very pale white tattoo-free skin. I wouldn't call her big, nor is she fat or even chubby, but she has more of a Caucasian girl type of body. By the way, here's a fun fact, genetically speaking Northern Chinese have DNA composition that is more similar to Caucasians than to Southern Asian/Chinese. That means that while Chanel is still slender, she is by no means skinny or delicate like your typical fragile Chinese model.

    Service A
    Can't really go into details about the exact services due to the rules regarding spa discretion. Her massage and bodyslide was well performed. Eventually I asked her to do more and after some extra consideration she obliged. However this might be YMMV so don't blame me if you don't get the same level of service.

    Attitude A+
    She is quite new to the profession and tries really hard to do a good job. She is kind of like the new employee at the office who tries extra hard to impress the boss. Or maybe the sweet girlfriend that goes the extra mile to please her boyfriend.

    I got wonderful experience twice here, hope you guys also get fun time.