Darias Authentic In room Massage (Toronto Hotel Guests)

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  1. Daria
    Sorry no service to the Greater Toronto area, I am servicing guests of many Toronto hotels as well as hotels at the eastern side of Pearson International airport.

    Hello there my name is Daria and I am an experienced female massage practitioner providing authentic medium pressure, deep tissue, Swedish or relaxation massage. With me you will recieve quality service, attention to detail, relaxation at its best! I can help you improve your performance, reduce stress and feel incredible!

    Rates to central downtown Toronto hotels:

    $100. for 45 mins $120. for 1 hour $160. for 1.5 hours $210. for 2 hours $270. for 2.5 hours

    East side of Pearson International airport: A minimum of 1-1.5 hours notice is needed.

    $140. For 45 mins $160 for 1 hr $200. For 1.5 hrs $250. For 2 hrs $310. For 2.5 hrs

    (I may be willing to do a longer sessions, let me know what you would offer me and we'll see. Receiving a tip from a client for good service is always appreciated as I keep my rates at a level where they are affordable to everyone.

    (Very early or late may have an increased rate).

    Other areas of the City have varied travel fees.
    20180103_175543.jpg 00H0H_fuMa0oudRNk_600x450.jpeg 647 766 2621 text or call is the best means to contact me.


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