Coming Soon - Deluxe Bubbles Body Scrub

Coming Soon - Deluxe Bubbles Body Scrub


Coming Soon At My Haven Laser & Spa - Deluxe Bubbles Body Scrub Massage!!

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our exclusive Bubbles Body Scrub Massage Therapy (coming soon), a revitalizing blend of traditional Turkish and Japanese body scrubs. Step into a world of centuries-old traditions and immerse yourself in pure luxury.

First, you will embark on a revitalizing visit to our sauna, immersing yourself in its soothing warmth for a blissful 20-30 minutes.

Following this tranquil interlude, we will lead you to our inviting Vichy shower room, where the magic truly begins. Prepare to be enveloped by cascading streams of hot water, gently wetting your body and preparing it for the next phase of pampering. The warm water will flow over you, creating a moment of pure relaxation.

Once your body is perfectly primed, our skilled therapists will employ the use of Exfoliating Gloves to delicately scrub away any remnants of dull, lifeless skin. This meticulous process will unveil your body's natural radiance, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

To complete the revitalizing ritual, we will utilize our basket water to wash away the exfoliated dead skin, ensuring your body is perfectly prepped for the next stage of the journey. A luxurious layer of bubbles will be created from special bags that will then envelop your entire body, providing the perfect canvas for a deeply relaxing and indulgent massage. If desired, we can also offer an optional hair wash, ensuring that every aspect of your being receives the utmost care and attention.

As the treatment reaches its zenith, a nourishing body mask will be applied, allowing your skin to absorb its revitalizing properties. During this tranquil pause, you will bask in the soothing ambience, while the mask works its magic. After a few blissful moments, the mask will be delicately washed away, unveiling a renewed and radiant you.

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary spa experience, where every detail has been carefully curated to transport you to a state of complete serenity. Let our skilled therapists guide you on this transformative journey, ensuring that you emerge feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and utterly pampered.
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