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BE WELL AND HEALTHY with Lomi Lomi Massage!

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Did you ever have an experience in your body? You can with an intentional massage. I BELIEVE THAT HUMANKIND SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO THE HEALING POWER WITHIN. WE CAN LEARN TO SELF-HEAL WITH BODY - MIND CONNECTION.

I AM A LICENSED Holistic practitioner with all MY CERTIFICATES HOWEVER I HAVE LEARNED MORE ABOUT HOW THE BODY WORKS AND SPEAKS. My approach is client/body centric/results focused not just feeling good for the moment. People change on my massage table and have a rejuvenating and restorative experience. We can decide the best solutions when we discuss your requirements whether Lomi Lomi, Thai Holistic. Reflexology or Acupressure or Body scans among others. We teach people how to reconnect with their bodies and inner landscape to move forward with deeper feelings/impact without the hindering habitual or oudated habits.. 10am to 8pm mond- friday 3pm on Sund Near Weston Station Free Parking
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