Ayurvedic Bodywork  Yoga Massage ☯️

Ayurvedic Bodywork Yoga Massage ☯️


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. Professional Ayurvedic Bodywork Have you ever tried yoga massage ? It's like having yoga done on you , incredibly relaxing , rejuvenating and aligning . I'm passing through town and will be giving some sessions , don't miss out . I have 15 years experience working as a therapist in wellness centers allover the world . It's the most popular technique in India and everyone is in bliss from it . Ayurveduc massage with stretching , deep tissue with oils and pressure points to align the body , rid of pain , help with old and new injuries , improve digestion and sleeping patterns , rejuvenate body in general, release allover tightness and much much more like reproductive health rejuvenation, weightloss, improved hair and nails , better mood and inspiration. +14379748558 Zenia
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