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Ashiatsu Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Ashiatsu Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage Therapy


My name is Tien, I come from Taiwan, I offer professional Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapy.

The gliding strokes of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapy offers the experience of incredibly consistent pressure and an incomparable sensation of flow. I use bare, lubricated feet to engage the tissue with broad, compressive stroking movement and kneading to create structural change in the soft tissue. I am able to use the broad, rounded surfaces of my feet to administer greater pressure without causing tissue damage. This modality can be extremely effective in the treatment of most soft tissue complaints including chronic low back pain, Sciatica, Repetitive Strain Injuries, stress relief and relaxation.

By appointment only.

Rate: $90/60mins. $130/90mins.

Schedule: Monday-Friday 10:30am-5:00pm Sunday 11:00am-4:00pm

The best way to make an appointment is one day in advance by text message. Please call Tien at 514-623-6699 for an appointment (no blocked phone numbers please)
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