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====== ____ Erotic SHAVING + AROMA with PALOMA in SOHO ____ ====== - 24

====== ____ Erotic SHAVING + AROMA with PALOMA in SOHO ____ ====== - 24

If you’d like to enjoy the beginning or the rest of your day,
I can offer:
bubble bath with aroma splash oil,
body shaving to feel yourself like a newborn baby,
a comfortable massage table with linens
where you can dream & relax.
You’ll melt listening to the tune, “Candle in the Wind.”
All this time my hands will be busy
making you a new happy man.
You’ll leave me not less than smiling.

Ciao! Who knows? Maybe I’ll see you, again.
Paloma === 646 + 5O3 + 6165

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