4 hands massages at Espace Shuniya

4 hands massages at Espace Shuniya


Welcome to l’Espace Shuniya !

“Shuniya” : absolute calm in the meditating process, state of perfect neutrality of the mind using the void as a focus point.

That void suggests a deep silence, quiet and nourishing, where we can go back to our own source.

Our mission is to provide a well-being that may have been less fluid to manifest in those uneasy times. Massage remains one very accessible way to bring peace to the muscular and nervous systems. We view relaxation as our natural state and that it’s often about allowing oneself to get there. The more you relax, the more chances you give yourself to live your reality with anchor, awareness and clarity.

Who are we ?

Isabelle, a certified massage therapist in kinetic Swedish massage from Kine-Concept, in deep tissue massage, polarity and emergescence from EauVie Centre, a meditation and Qi gong practitioner.

Milena, a practitioner in spiritual arts (kundalini yoga, nidra/guided meditation, tarot, reiki, Golden Triangle) and a massage therapy student.

What do we offer ?

Three 4 hands options for three different massages*** :

Guided Meditative Massage (75 mins) - energetic and therapeutic massage. Vocal guidance into deep contact with yourself.

Relaxing Intuitive Massage (75 mins) - spontaneous and soft massage. Gentle touch and pressure points for a delicate relaxation.

Awakening of the Senses Massage (90 mins) - Sensual, intuitive, and stimulating massage. Dynamising and energising effect.

***One-way full body massages***

Our sessions take place at Espace Shuniya, located in Le Plateau, close to Laurier station.

Insurance receipts can be issued upon request.

Please write at [email protected] for information and tell us about your process. We wish to first make sure that your needs meet our mission.

It will be a pleasure to be of service to you in the relaxation path,

Isabelle & Milena Espace Shuniya
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