Can I get a diploma of Swedish massage in Australia?

Discussion in 'Swedish Massage' started by Bel, Dec 25, 2013.

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    Alright, so I am only fifteen...
    But lately I have been quite interested in a career in message therapy.
    I have my sights set on working as a message therapist on a cruise ship for a few months, because I figure, even though I would be working 12 hour shifts with only one day off a week (actually, maybe it is one day off in two weeks? Don't remember) , it would be a valuable experience.
    I would really like to work on a Steiner cruise ship, but I know that life won't give me what a want all the time.
    I was reading the qualifications I would need, and it said I would absolutely need a Diploma in Swedish massage. I would like to attend the Endeavour College of Natural Health, and get a Diploma of Remedial Massage and a Diploma of Aromatherapy. I looked to see if I could do a Diploma of Swedish Massage, but I didn't find anything but a weekend course in Swedish massage which is supposed to 'teach how to successfully perform a 45 minute Swedish massage'. So, I took to Google, and it turns out that, in Australia, there is no such thing as a Diploma of Swedish Massage!

    And the list was for the qualifications a person from Australia or New Zealand must hold, so the person who wrote the qualification list must not be aware that it isn't possible to get.

    Do you think that perhaps the weekend course will do? Any suggestions?

    Greatly appreciated,

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