My First Massage Experience !

I am sharing my real massage experience in Delhi

  1. fbmggn
    June 2015; a sunny noon, I was feeling very clumsy and thinking of some refreshing ideas. At least those which do not suddenly break my clumsyness; I was feeling like have massage for refreshment. I browse on internet and booked body massage in Delhi.
    As per my appointment; I reached on time and been in a massage room. I was given a disposable Panty to wear; first I kept thinking 5-10 minutes that how this panty could help me to cover my private parts then I thought ok lets wear it. I wore the panty and lied down on bed covering myself with towel.
    After 5 minutes I listen knock on my door asking may I come in. I said, yes. A beautiful north Indian girl came in, she might be 22 years old. She said me to flip over and started my massage from leg. After 15 minutes of massage; she said will you try something more. I said what? She replied, "b2b etc." I asked here in detail that what is it. She explained me well that what exactly is it. I said Ok go ahead. She started it by striping her clothes one by one. She was completely nude except her panty. It was amazing experience. I liked it.
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