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Discussion in 'Regina Massage Review' started by A Corrupt Mind, Jan 7, 2012.

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    well I was the first to have the honour and pleasure of her trip to Reggie this time and start to finnish it was top freakin notch! started with a email and a prompt professional reply. I would also like to add her website is very well done and very informative! well I arrived at her room, and WOW! thank goodness she provides MSOG cause I almost lost round one just seeing her!!! stunning! very nice visit, very easy to talk to and felt the sparks! and then it was down to business, and she made it feel nothing like business, it was sheer pleasure, she loves what she does and came across very very genuine! it was my BEST experiance in Regina...hell North America! I dont know if she will be coming back anytime soon, not gonna lie, might need to run and grab a tissue as the tears are starting to flow!! hats off to the lucky few who managed to book her on this trip!!
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    Thank you so much for the kind words.

    I can't believe I have never been on this site :(

    If all goes well over the next few weeks I'll be back in Regina the first thing in September

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