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why are men beaten with cane as legal punishment in Singapore and Malaysia...

Discussion in 'Singapore Massage Reviews' started by Nuclear, Jan 10, 2015.

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  1. Nuclear

    Nuclear Newbie

    Apr 28, 2014
    ...while women are not? "Caning is a widely used form of legal corporal punishment in Singapore. Of these, judicial caning, for which Singapore is best known, is the most severe. It is reserved for male criminals aged under 50, for a wide range of offences under the Criminal Procedure Code. Caning is also a legal form of punishment for delinquent male members of the military.In a milder form, caning is used to punish male youths in many Singaporean schools for serious misbehaviour.
    The following groups of people are not liable to be caned for committing offences that may warrant a caning under Singaporean law:
    Men sentenced to death
    Men aged 50 and above
    Men certified medically unfit for caning"

    most of the world's misandry happen in Asian countries.
    @jess: so what is your point? having lower women in the govt does somehow justify men getting tortured? what do any women have to suffer from lesser number of women in malasian Parliament.

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