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What is this technique called? Or... is it a technique?

Discussion in 'Massage Therapies & Techniques' started by Hephalumph, Jan 20, 2018.

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  1. Hephalumph

    Hephalumph New Member

    Jan 20, 2018
    So, I contacted a massage therapist who does outcalls, and she came to me. I knew it was not a sexual thing, she is a legit therapist. But, she had said in her ad draping is optional, and I do prefer no draping.

    Not for sexual reasons, but because in my (not extensive, but not exactly limited either) experience, therapists willing to go without draping are usually more comfortable focusing on glutes and adductors/abductors. And even when I am not super tight/tense in those areas, I enjoy having them worked over. (Again, not really sexually here...though there is sometimes a side effect of an erection.)

    So, today I did get an erection while she was working my glutes. It was ignored, and it receded as she moved down to my calves and feet. Then I turned over, and eventually she was working my adductors, and I again got an erection. I assumed it was being ignored again, as she made no comment, and didn't touch it or do anything about it.

    But the next area she moved to was my ... pubic region I guess? Not sure what to term it. Started at my extreme lower abdominals with light pressure (but definitely some pressure), and just gently pushing down and in. She then moved from the center to the top of the crease of my crotch and thighs - each hand moving outwards. Then down that crease until she was applying pressure basically at the base of my penis. About as close as she could get without touching it.

    It never felt in any way sexual to me. But it did feel amazing. It was enough pressure that it wasn't a 'caress' or sensual, but not so much as to feel like I was being manhandled either. The closest I can think of to equate it to was some acupressure and Reiki massages I have had in the past. It is extremely difficult to put to words.

    I almost asked her about it, but I was afraid she would think I was fishing for a happy ending. It honestly has nothing to do with that. But, it was an amazing experience. And I would love to be able to ask for that again.

    I have no idea if it is an actual massage technique, or if maybe she was, herself, fishing to see if I wanted a happy ending, or...what? But if it is an actual thing, I would love to know what to call it.

    So... is that a thing?

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