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Way More than I expected

Discussion in 'Dallas Massage Reviews' started by Rileyboy, Jun 5, 2014.

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  1. Rileyboy

    Rileyboy Newbie

    Jun 5, 2014
    Recently, I've started going to some of the multitude of Asian massage places that seem to be popping up all over Richardson, Garland, and Plano. Most are exactly what I expected...a mediocre to crummy massage followed by a hand-job. Most of the "therapists" are a little on the old side and not really all that attractive. I've found one place with a really cute 30-something lady that I keep going back to because she gives a really good massage and she seems to enjoy the hand-job part as much as I do.

    The reason I posted here though was because of 2 places I tried in the last few days.

    Nirvana Foot Spa in Garland (Beltline Rd and Galaxy). I went there 4 times and had Rachel each time. She always wears a dress showing great cleavage. She started letting me suck on her nipples the 2nd time I went. The 3rd trip, she was tired and laid on the bed with me with her tits out of her dress and stroked my cock for about 30 minutes before finally making me cum. She would only accept $40 for the "massage" and said no to a tip. The last time I went, she said she was tired and wanted me to give her a massage. I agreed, so she took off her dress and got on her stomach. I was already naked. I unhooked her bra, pulled her panties down and gave her a massage. After about 20 minutes she got up and told me to lay down, she started giving me the hand-job I expected. I sat up on the edge of the table while she stroked me and started kissing her breasts. Next thing I know, she's laying on her back and I'm fucking the hell out of her. She wouldn't let me pay her anything when it was over. The only down-side, she told me she loves me and wants me to go to china with her.

    Yesterday, I stopped at a place I'd never noticed.

    AA Foot Spa in Richardson (75 service road just north of Campbell Rd). I walked in and was greeted by a middle aged mamasan. I expected her to take my money, show me to a room and have a different girl give massage. I was pretty disappointed when she came in and said she would give massage. I almost said never mind and left. She was probably 50 yrs old, wearing a longish skirt and sweater (frumpy looking). First she gave me a really great massage. She felt the knots in my shoulders so she sat on a stool at my head, hiked her skirt up and started massaging my shoulders with her feet and legs. It was really strangely erotic and felt great. When she had me turn over, she asked "you want cum?" to see if I wanted the hand-job. I really didn't think this old lady would even be able to get me hard so I shook my head no. She looked disappointed. She came up to my head and started massaging me from my shoulders down my body to my hips, she made sure to rub her tits on my face as she did it. I did start to get a little hard and that seemed to please her. She walked back around to my cock and started playing with it. She looked at me and I nodded yes this time. She immediately pulled up her sweater and bra and put my hand on her tits. She stroked me for a minute or so then got on the table next to me with her tits in my face. I started sucking her nipples. She put my hand on my cock and motioned for me to stroke myself. I did as she wanted and it seemed to totally get her going. She ended up climbing on top of me, pulling her panties aside and fucking me until I came inside her. She seemed really embarrassed afterward and wouldn't take my money. She said "don't tell."

    I really didn't think sex was a possibility at any of these places. Maybe I've just gotten really lucky. Of course, both times they initiated it totally and there was no condom so I might live to totally regret it, but, damn it was fun!
  2. Rileyboy

    Rileyboy Newbie

    Jun 5, 2014
    Update: The girl at Nirvana, texted me earlier to see why I hadn't been back in awhile (yes, I gave her my phone number). I told her I couldn't afford it right now. She said "come see me, no charge". I undressed and laid down on the table. She came in the room, told me to scoot over and laid down next to me. I asked if she wanted me to massage her, she smiled and said yes. She took off all her clothes, laid down on her stomach and let me massage her. After a few minutes she rolled over so I could massage her front. I was leaning over her face (like they do to us) rubbing her body from her tits down to her thighs, my cock was rubbing against her face as I did it. She started sucking me off while I rubbed her pussy. A minute later, I was inside her. We fucked for about 20 minutes (very quietly so other girl wouldn't hear). I came on her tits. She cleaned us both off and then walked me out with a huge smile on her face. No charge!
  3. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    so where is Rachel now was told she didn't work there??

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