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Transgender / Newhalf / Ladyboy Freelancers in Tokyo - reviews

Discussion in 'Japan Massage Reviews' started by krissstybee, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. xfire_2

    xfire_2 Member

    Oct 18, 2009
    Place : SNH Club

    Click for bigger picture of rooms

    Web: www.snh-club.com
    Where: Akasaka (2-15-18 Akasaka, Minato-ku. This is a 2-min walk from Akasaka station, see map on website or use Google maps. It is directly opposite Daily Yamazaki store, on mezzanine level, discreet SNH Club sign near door)
    Open: 2pm – midnight Mon-Sat
    Rates: JPY25,000 for 90 mins

    Girl chosen : Christina

    Click for bigger pictures

    I picked the SNH club because it was conveniently located in Akasaka. Took a little scouting to find the place as it is discreetly signposted, but eventually tracked it down. I was let in by the male receptionist – no English, but was not taken aback at all by my poor Japanese. He showed me through the smart hallway and into a small but very clean and neat room, more like a business hotel room (Japanese style) than a dodgy brothel. I picked Christina from the photo book (4 girls available, all of whom were on their website (good indication) and he offered me a beer while I waited – a nice touch.

    2 mins later Christina walked in – pow! In person she was even better looking than her pics – tall, elegant, slim with great breasts, well dressed and very pretty indeed. Even better and to my surprise, she has perfect English as well – winner! She took me to their shower (clean, functional, shared) and was on hand to towel me down when I’d finished. Back in the room I stripped her off, and it was like unwrapping a present. Beautiful, completely feminine body, with the softest pure white skin and an exceptional boob job. She is pre-op, very small and non-functional, I didn’t ask but I presume she has been on hormones a long time.

    In the sack she was perfect GFE – willing, eager, warm, compliant. She is all woman, very much a bottom, but an enthusiastic participant and made me feel like the rampant stallion that I am (lol). She kissed happily, gave great head, seemed to enjoy whatever I did with her responsive body, and eventually wrapped her legs around me while I plumbed her depths and gave every sign of loving it all. Gave me a nice massage afterwards, shared my beer and had a chat – felt like I’d had a damn good shag with a rather exotic friend of mine. She is smart, switched on, and enjoyable to just spend time with. If you are in a top mood and feel like GFE, I couldn’t recommend her more highly. She may be able to turn on the pornstar treatment too, didn’t try, but she is very much on the feminine side, and in another world, I’d be trying to date her privately.

    I was very tempted to keep her to myself, but that’s against the spirit of this board – so be nice to her please, and don’t book her up solidly for the next few months, I’m going back!
  2. oooo

    oooo Member

    Oct 14, 2009
    Had an interesting experience yesterday with what I would say is more of a crossdresser just starting on hormones than a t-girl. One of the things that was interesting is that she is Caucasian and in Tokyo.

    Saw her ad pop up recently on Shemale Escort sissyamber in Japan - TS-Dating.com and searched her with google and found http://sissyamber.escort-site.com

    Figured WTH and sent an email to her. She says that she is having trouble meeting ends meet with all the extra clothes, hormones, etc that she has to buy as a girl and is new to escorting, but loving it.

    She wanted 60,000 to spend the night with me, but accepted 50,000 and we met up on Thursday for a great night of fun.

    I got to the hotel first and sent her an email (she is afraid to give her number out, but seems to answer email quickly) to let her know I was waiting and the door was open. She got there shortly afterwards and ducked into the bathroom to get ready (she wasn't done up yet). Took her forever to get ready, but damn, she looked and smelled great when she came out.

    I was on the bed naked when she came out of the bathroom, but stood up to great her and she immediately came over to give me a hug and kiss.

    She told me in email that she was a submissive bottom and I decided to see if she would take my lead, so I began to passionately deep kiss her and she returned the favor immediately and arched her hips into me, rubbing my cock against her dress.

    I told her that she made me wait too long and that she would have to make it up to me... repeatedly. She apologized and said that she was here to serve me for the night and dropped to her knees to begin sucking me off. Looked great to see her bobbing her head on my cock while wearing platform heels and a stripper dress.

    Before I could cum, I pulled her back up and told her that I was still displeased with being made to wait so long and that she needed to be spanked. She readily agreed and I hiked up her dress to show some of the sexiest pink and purple lingerie I have ever seen. She had her cock taped back between her legs to show a nice smooth front and, when I turned her around, had a great ass that was made for fucking. I laid her over my lap and gave her ~10 good smacks while she squirmed on my lap before I told her to swallow my first load so I could fuck her good and long.

    She went to work and a few minutes later I was blasting streams of cum down her throat while she tried to suck every last drop out of my balls before going back to the bathroom to freshen up....

    When she came back, she was wearing a different dress and lingerie (black now) and laid down beside me. After she got me hard again, she hiked up her dress, took off her panties (completely shaved), and slowly impaled herself on my member, grinding it up into her belly, while moaning and gasping, before settling into a rhythm and fucking me like I had the last cock on earth.

    I felt myself getting close so I flipped her off of me, but before I knew it she was down in my crotch cleaning her juices off of my cock. This was almost too much so I told her to put her slutty ass up in the air and I started to slam my cock deep inside her as she matched me stroke for stroke pushing back into me until I finally came again.

    Afterwards we talked, cuddled, had a couple drinks, and fucked a few more times until morning. Once in the middle of the night I woke up to her stroking my cock while I spooned her before she backed her ass back up onto me again... what a night.

    Ended up cumming 4 times and, unfortunately, while she does have a big unit herself, she can't get completely hard anymore and doesn't like to top. Her breasts are tiny, but her nipples are quite perky/long/sensitive... hopefully soon they get a little more mass to them. She pads her bras and says that she just ordered a pair of silicon prosthetics to fill out the bra, but, alas, they aren't natural...

    Other than that, She is pretty damn near to perfect.
  3. Tasha Posey

    Tasha Posey Member

    Sep 22, 2009
    Amber - I've seen her ad on Craigslist once before, probably two months ago.

    Thanks for posting her actual site with all of the additional pictures. (and of course your experience as well.)
  4. You can call me Rob

    You can call me Rob Member

    Oct 1, 2009
    thank you for the thread and those valuable information are all those listed above gaijin friendly?
    I didn't find any information for gnhc access map :/
  5. jess b

    jess b Member

    Oct 28, 2009
    Hi, great reviews and all.

    I'm kind of new to this, but I feel I want to explore life a bit. Where is this Motown House 2 and how do I get there? What actually is going on there and how do I proceed? I have never been be a NH before, and I feel both exited and bit scared. But dearly want to try it...

    Also, is it safe? In terms of STD I mean???

    Thank you again for reading my post.

    PS, I'd love if she has big tits and also maybe a big cock too...
  6. Matt hardy Brand

    Matt hardy Brand Member

    Jun 26, 2010

    jESSIKAxANTHE Member

    Oct 5, 2009

    Rather than going to Motown, I'd recommend calling up one of the previous reviewed providers and just setting up an appointment. That way you'll know exactly what you will get ahead of time. I'd recommend either Kina or Fiona since they both have nice breasts and nice cocks.

    As for STDs, I suppose it's as safe as with any other provider. You should always use the right protection regardless of what you do. I suppose you might be a little bit safer in some ways since it's easier to do a visual scan for possible symptoms, but I wouldn't count on that. Usually, the girls insist on safe play since they aren't in any hurry to pick up any nasties themselves.

    Have fun, be safe, and let us know how it goes.
  8. Lorri M

    Lorri M Member

    Jan 9, 2010
    I'm not into TS but why not try a post-op. Any information about them ?
  9. thelibertines

    thelibertines Member

    Jun 21, 2010
    Where the hell is tanoshikattades? He's got to the resident expert on this!
  10. Leuco

    Leuco Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    Don't know but I actually sent him a message today. I've gotten a few sidelines requests for more information in this area. He's got more answers than I do.
  11. Voelven

    Voelven Member

    Jun 20, 2010
    I'm here... don't get online all that often. Sorry my thumbnails seem to have spazzed our on my reviews, but clicking through still takes you to bigger pics.

    newhalf_lvr - nice review of Amber, I've seen her posts before and wondered but she seemed a little too far on the tranny side for me - but your post got me hot, so I guess not :) I'll give her a try some time for sure.

    flightattendant - why not if that's your thing? Posties don't work for me, as half the point is cock... and many of them don't like anal sex any more as they have shiny new vagina - not for me, but I've had fun a couple of times when I forgot to ask before we got into bed.

    kias - nice to know I'm wanted - but I'd much rather you guys all posted your own experiences! Go on, get out there and then write up about it!

    I've transferred out of Japan, but will be back regularly on business, so I expect I'll have more to write about for you soon.


  12. blank

    blank Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    hi there
    any opinions on some of the Japanese TS girls on ts-dating.com ?
    seen a couple cute girls out there, but was not sure about the accuracy of the posts about being real Japanese
  13. David M

    David M Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    Unfortunately the SNH club (see my earlier review) seems to have closed down - I tried going there last week and it was permanently closed. The website is still up, but they only seem to have one "companion" any more, Emi.

    My favourite freelancer has gone back to the Philippines too - so I'm on the market for new providers. If anyone has any particular recommendations, I'd love to hear them.


  14. Pompal 09.

    Pompal 09. Active Member

    Feb 9, 2011
    kina looks hot and i am coming to tokyo in dec
    might i enquire as to her rates??
    and does she do outcall to hotels>
    us based and never played in tokyo before
  15. Pompal 09.

    Pompal 09. Active Member

    Feb 9, 2011
    She has just crowned as 2nd princess in Gay Yokohama Universe... Really impressed me. Aside from this, she represented the gay community in Tokyo.


  16. g_guess_who

    g_guess_who Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    If you don't get a reply here quickly, best just to ask her yourself and share with the group.

    Sometimes they don't want to publicize their rates.

    The TG/TS scene is actually super-competitive in Tokyo at-least. For awhile there, they were flagging each other off craigslist everyday.
  17. Mirroboy Nick

    Mirroboy Nick Member

    Jan 17, 2010
    Didn't know such a thing existed!
  18. Irish Bear

    Irish Bear Member

    Sep 20, 2009
    I will BA at Yokota AB for a few days and would love to experience some of the girls that have been reviewed here. However, I don't know my way around at all and do not speak the language. Any tips that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Btw, this thread has been amazing to read and I plan on taking a vacation here soon in order to experience more. All of you have been very helpful. I just don't know where I am going or the best way to get there.

    Thank so much!!
  19. Cold

    Cold Member

    Dec 6, 2009
    To get around the area, you shouldn't need much language skill. Most all populated areas have train station names/signs written in Kanji, Hiragana and Romanji. You can ask for a map of train lines in English and there are a fair number of sites that offer train routes in English.

    Example: You can use this site to plot a route from one station to another.
    Japanese Train Route Finder By Jorudan Co.,Ltd.

    For the girls, unless otherwise noted, English should be common enough to use with them. If you try to use a service or a shop, language may be an issue. These independent girls, should be fine with English.

    If you're going to be at Yokota, that's a long haul to come up to the general Tokyo area. 90 minutes or more if I recall correctly.

    First tip is: Get to know the area and which trains go where.

    Secondly: figure out which girls are in your area. If they only travel around Tokyo, you may need to come to central Tokyo to meet them. Some of the popular meeting places are Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Gotanda. All of those areas have love hotels that have rates for 1 to 3 hours stay.

    Start by contacting the girl that you want to see and then figure out the details on how to get there. Getting to Tokyo from Yokota AB will run you about 1,300yen - 1,500yen one-way.

    Getting around Japan is made very easy by train. I wouldn't worry about the method of transportation, but more of 'where' you want to go.

    Good Luck.
  20. WCCanuck

    WCCanuck Member

    Oct 4, 2009
    I have to admit to trying both Kina and Fiona, Kina in May of this year and Fiona this trip (November). Both were aggresive and very good. Fiona's appearance was better than her pictures. Both gave excellent service.

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