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Transgender / Newhalf / Ladyboy Freelancers in Tokyo - reviews

Discussion in 'Japan Massage Reviews' started by krissstybee, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. krissstybee

    krissstybee Member

    Oct 19, 2009
    I'm going to post up some reviews for those of you who appreciate TG sex. I'll keep them to this thread so as not to spam the forum, and so that those who want to ignore this, can.

    Apart from these direct contacts listed, the best advice for people wanting to meet TG girls in Tokyo is to go to the Motown II bar in Roppongi after midnight any night from Tues-Sat, there will be plenty in attendance. There are a couple of agencies in Tokyo offering newhalf "health" clubs with Japanese "girls" - I haven't been to any because my Japanese is very poor - and quite frankly my tastes run more to the robust Thai and Philippina girls than their Japanese equivalents. I will add some personal reviews of freelancers here (many of whom have been here for years) and would appreciate it if anyone else has any to share themselves.


  2. piegowdealer

    piegowdealer Member

    Oct 31, 2009
    (Click any pic for full-size version)

    Name : Kina
    Age : Mid 20s
    Nationality : Pilippina
    Type : Pre-op, versatile
    Looks : 8/10 (judge for yourself from the pics, she is prettier in person)
    Service : 8/10
    Web: http://www.tokyo-provocativeshemale-tskina.escort-site.com

    Kina is the pick of the crop of Pilippina girls making a living here in Tokyo from P4P. A great combination of stunning looks, nice attitude and great service make her my favourite in Tokyo. She is quite passable, especially when dressed casually. Pretty face, great soft skin, really good augumented breasts, a fabulous arse, and looong skinny legs. I love her long hair too, although its quite damaged now by chemicals. She provides a great GFE, lots of kissing, cuddling, mutual making each other feel nice. She has a GREAT cock, a proper 7" and always hard. Mutual oral is a lot of fun... She is completely versatile, loves to be topped, but very happy to switch and makes a real effort to provide whatever you want - she can do a convincing dom top, or gently seduce a new bottom into giving it up. She has an irritating fake moan which I've managed to coax her out of... Good English, so if chatting is your thing... Great value for money, never rushes, in fact has often invited me to sleep over / extend for no money. I like her a lot.
  3. awallofstars

    awallofstars Member

    Apr 19, 2010
    I'm going to call you Tano for short, it's just too damn long to time each time.

    Thanks for the information you have shared with us. Keeping it one thread is fine for now. If it gets too cluttered then lets split apart reviews by each provider. That also will help people searching for this material later on.

    We don't have any relevant information on the new-half community as far as the shops go. There are acutally quite a few shops that have these ladies, but I'm not aware if they accept non-Japanese or not. (Or more likely, non-Japanese speaking...)

    So far, this is the best information we've gotten so far.

    How about the safe practice of the ladies you meet? Clean? Protected? Any additional risks to consider?

    Thanks again!
  4. Richard Li

    Richard Li Member

    Jun 26, 2010
    Thanks for the contribution
  5. enjoy

    enjoy Member

    May 4, 2010
    Thank you for putting that information out there.

    We have gotten numerous private requests for this kind of information. By numerous, I mean more than 20. (Just short of dozens!)
  6. dlutemp

    dlutemp Member

    Aug 24, 2009
    Thanks for the post and I'll add what I know.

    I have been to one of the health spas, NH-aventure, and had no problems with my very limited Japanese. Nice selection of girls, but not as uninhibited as some of the solo girls I've met.
  7. Angel Heart

    Angel Heart Member

    Jan 23, 2010
    Oh good, positive responses!

    Thanks for that, in that case I will post more. I have 10+ reviews to contribute, so it will take me a little while.

    Guym, thanks for that - I really haven't been up for trying the newhalf "health" spas as my Japanese is very poor - but you shame me, i will be braver and try them out.

    From my research there are several in Tokyo that people might like to try:

    NH-Aventure www.nh-aventure.co.jp Suehirocho on Ginza line
    Ganso Newhalf club - www.gnhc.co.jp Uguisudani
    Newhalf lady - www.newhalf.com in Gotanda
    Bodyesute - www.bodyesute.com (outcall massage)

    I will post more reviews shortly. As suggested, I'll keep them in this thread, we can split off into different providers if the responses suggest this is worthwhile.

  8. fatsausage

    fatsausage Member

    Feb 5, 2010
    Keep the reviews coming. I am interested on any info on Chicano Fiona. She use to have a site but it seems to be offline now.
  9. Kangaroo

    Kangaroo Member

    Oct 3, 2009
    @Tano - thanks for the information flow.

    I've forwarded this link to people that have requested this kind of informaiton previously. (Just as Chris had mentioned above.)

    @JimN - will keep an eye out for any info on that name.
  10. thankfull

    thankfull Member

    Apr 1, 2010
    Ask and you shall receive...

    TS Fiona

    Name : Fiona
    Age : 30-ish
    Nationality : Pilippina / Japanese (often claims to be part Spanish)
    Type : Pre-op, versatile
    Looks : 7/10 (judge for yourself from the pics, she is prettier in person)
    Service : 8/10
    Web: http://www.queenfiona.webs.com/

    Fiona is the horniest and hardest core of the Philipinas in Tokyo – if you want a no-holes barred pornstar experience, she is your girl. When Craigslist ERS section was up, she was a prolific poster, and she was broadly slagged off by the other girls, who frequently flagged her, posted false bad reviews, warnings etc. In my opinion this was nothing more than jealousy, I’d say she was getting the lions share of the bookings because of her upfront attitude, willingness to post explicit photos etc. I seldom if ever see her at Motown, I think the other girls have made life too difficult for her. I have met her 3 times, outcall at Shin-Okubo love hotel, and she has pitched up on time, given me great service, and been exactly as she describes – so I rate her highly.

    Not quite as pretty as Kina, she is more the striking / sexy type. The pics tell only part of the story, I found her very sexy in person. She is about 5’7”, slim, good figure. She has big fake breasts, but they are the rock-hard older style implants – nice to look at, somewhat less nice to touch. Great skin, flat stomach, nice arse. She is cleanshaven with a 6” cock, very nice too – always hard, always ready for action, can come (but you’ll probably want to book a worthwhile session for that.) Not the biggest cock of the lot, but enthusiasm and active attitude more than makes up for it – you’ll know you’ve been topped if you go that route. I’ve listed her as versatile, because she is accommodating and will switch, but her preference is to top, and she is a great top. Can be a hard dom top, or more gentle as you prefer, she works hard to make it a good session for you. I get the feeling with her that she is unshockable, and any requests could be accommodated in style. Recommended.

    Update 20/1/11 - if you've been put off by the hardcore aspects, don't be - I just had a very relaxed and sensual session with her (as opposed to my more usual full-on scenes) and i reckon she would be good with beginners as well - just be explicit in what you want in a session

    Click on any of these for bigger image:
  11. Allmosquitos.com

    Allmosquitos.com Member

    Nov 22, 2009
    TS Ella

    Name : Ella
    Age : 30-something
    Nationality : Pilippina
    Type : Pre-op, versatile
    Looks : 6/10
    Service : 7/10
    Web: http://ellatokyots.escort-site.com

    Ella is a long-time Tokyo resident and has been a regular on the scene for years. She is not a stunner, but has a pretty face, nice chest, quite passable, not too bad at all. I’ve taken her home from Motown a couple of times, and she has a great attitude, which goes a long way with me. She is pretty flexible, and a couple of times has come home with me and another girl, and then made a damn good effort to make the 3-some work for me. I’ve listed her as versatile, because she will fit in with whatever you want, but she is really a bottom and happier with that – and as always, a happy girl makes for a happy session. She has a small cock, does get hard, but it’s never going to be impressive. She tries hard, and has a gentle, appealing personality. I like her, and would recommend her for 1st timers especially, and those who like laid-back GFE experiences. She has seen it all and done it all, and will make a real effort to please if you treat her well.

    Click on any of the following to get bigger pics:
  12. 2 days left !

    2 days left ! Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    TS Katrina

    Name : Katrina
    Age : late 20s
    Nationality : Pilippina
    Type : Pre-op, versatile
    Looks : 8/10
    Service : 6/10
    Web: www.tskatrina.webs.com

    I’ve seen Katrina a few times, each session has been fine to good, but…. Just seems that something is missing. She is a lovely girl, tall, slim, great figure, and really beautiful long black Asian hair. Why do so many girls try to do the Shibuya-girl look and dye their hair? I just don’t get it. Katrina has standard D-cup implants, quite overwhelming in the little tank tops that she favours, great to look at but rock hard cannonshells in the hand. Tiny waist and exaggerated curved hips and arse, almost a cartoon sexy body. Service was so-so. I’m not saying that she didn’t try, she did, but we never really clicked, and I left both sessions a bit underwhelmed. I suspect this was more a lack of any personal chemistry than anything else, so don’t be put off by this if you like the look of her – YMMV. She is versatile, but both times I was in a top mood myself, and this might account for my feeling above – she may prefer to be top herself. Worth a go.

    Click any image for bigger version:
  13. theoneandonlycharlotte

    theoneandonlycharlotte Member

    Jun 18, 2010
    Name : Michelle
    Age : 30-ish
    Nationality : Pilippina
    Type : Pre-op, versatile
    Looks : 6/10
    Service : 6/10
    Web: http://dreamgirltsmichelle.erotixsite.com/main.html

    I’ve only tried her once, as her looks don’t really appeal to me, and in the bar she is always bothering me for drinks when I don’t know her well and she is not a regular of mine. These pics have been professionally shot and are very good – I find her less appealing in person, she has a very hard face, and I’m not into blondes. But if you like the slim femboy body style, she may appeal to you, she has a very striking look. The session was not memorable – no problem with her, and from my side I was more than a little drunk. She is versatile, and can get hard, but we only had a session with her as bottom. She was fine, but no spark / nothing special. YMMV, I certainly had no problems with her, its just that she personally doesn’t appeal to me.

    Click on these for bigger image:
  14. forgiven490

    forgiven490 Member

    Oct 2, 2009
    Name : Unknown
    Age : late 20s
    Nationality : Pilippina
    Type : Post-op
    Looks : 8/10
    Service : 7/10
    Web: Unknown

    I’m posting this review without having a name (I forgot it...) or contact details, because she is a regular at Motown, and you might find it useful to know this information in advance. She is a very pretty and completely passable post-op transsexual. The only reason I went home with her is that I have a finely honed sense for TS girls, and knew she was TS – she never told me, and most straight men would never have known. I can guarantee that she has a lot of happy clients who never had a clue… I made the opposite mistake – I saw her chatting to some of my TS friends and instantly pegged her as TS herself – and made the rookie mistake of not ensuring that she was pre-op before we went home together! Very disappointing when I finally got her pants off to discover she’d gone the whole way.

    She has a very nicely crafted cunt, but I have to say I’m not a fan of custom pussy generally, I know too much about it… And unfortunately, having gone to all that expense to have a working pussy made, she wanted me to use it, and wasn’t having me anywhere near her round, soft, and very appealing arse! All that said, she gave a very enthusiastic and determined service, and we had a good time together. Her face is much prettier in person than these very ordinary pics I downloaded from her ads. She also has possibly the best fake breasts I’ve ever enjoyed – large, white, creamy soft & smooth, great shape, and almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing. She has this fabulous soft smooth Asian skin generally, and an arse that I just wanted to bite – altogether a very nice package. She makes a very sexy girl, but for me a post-op is a lost opportunity, so I didn’t keep her contact details. If you like post-op, she is a winner.

    Click any of these to enlarge:
  15. Pompal 09.

    Pompal 09. Active Member

    Feb 9, 2011
    These are Sara's "aspirational" pics...

    Name : Sara / Rachel
    Age : 30-ish
    Nationality : Pilippina
    Type : Pre-op, versatile
    Looks : 5/10
    Service : 7/10
    Contact : not recommended so not supplied

    I’ve met Sara twice, both times under false pretences…. She has this very annoying and deceptive habit of posting false pictures on her adverts. The first time I met her, she had posted the picture I am using here as my avatar, and advertised herself as a hafu Japanese t-girl with good English. Having never screwed a J-tgirl, and in the mood for screwing a delicate fluffy J-girl type, I met her at Shin-Okubo – and she was completely different. Flat, plain Philippina face, and a more classic Philippina t-girl body, chunky, sexy, but definitely not the girl in the pic. As I’m sure she counts on, I went through with it because I was already there, I was horny etc – but I was annoyed.

    In the flesh she was pretty chunky, big tits, solid stomach, big arse, 6” thick cock – quite plain, but not ugly. Her service was good, she worked hard to make sure I had fun, and I enjoyed the session. I did make very sure to keep an eye on my wallet etc at all times, as I couldn’t trust her. She is versatile, prefers to top I’d say, but was fine being bottom too. Overall a decent session, but I was determined not to book her again, I hate being duped. So it REALLY pissed me off when I was caught again, by her using a different photo and name. That time I really told her off and walked away from the session. Recently I have seen her advertising again, using her photos at least, even if they are heavily photoshopped. Silly girl - her service is not bad at all, and I’d normally recommend her on that basis, but she is not trustworthy at all, so I don’t recommend her and haven’t posted any contact details. Avoid

    These are her real pics... click to enlarge:
  16. itisabeccathing

    itisabeccathing Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    Name : Naoko / Lisa
    Age : 30-something
    Nationality : Pilippina / Japanese
    Type : Pre-op, versatile
    Looks : 6/10
    Service : 6/10
    Contact : Her website appears to be down at the moment, so search for her ad under Japan/Tokyo on Vicesisters.com, or call 080-3459-9713

    I know her as Lisa, and she advertises interchangeably as Lisa and Naoko. Calls herself Japanese-Pilippina, but I think that’s the standard spiel here for these girls, they are all pure Pilippinas. She is a regular at Motown and a friend of Ella’s, and I’ve booked the two of them for a double before. Fun but not amazing, generally things work out best one-on-one. She looks better in person than in the pics, no stunner, but passable and good looking. Nice fake breasts, decent body, 5” dick and can get hard, but much more bottom than top. No real spark with me, but she gives good value for money, she is friendly and like Ella, would probably be good with 1st timers and the less experienced.

    Click to enlarge:
  17. Roger Dodger

    Roger Dodger Member

    Jul 29, 2010
    and... thats it for now :) Hope you enjoy and find this useful. If you get a chance to review any of these girls, or even better, add some new girls, I'd love to get your feedback.
  18. Sally says...

    Sally says... Member

    Sep 21, 2009
    Sensory overload there for awhile on these posts, but thanks for sharing all of that information.

    I don't know much about TS stuff, but I feel like I'm getting an exetended education.
  19. jkzimm04

    jkzimm04 Member

    Mar 20, 2010
    WOW...thanks for the info...I'm sure it will come in handy.

    I've also seen Kina and Fiona and say that your reviews were 100% accurate and right in line with my experiences.

    I will say that I preferred Kina because she seemed a bit more into it, but both were awesome experiences.
  20. Sachin

    Sachin Member

    Oct 4, 2009
    Great info. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to Yasmeen's visit later this year: http://www.picturetrail.com/exoerotica or http://www.ts-dating.com/FaraUK.

    And I have been trying to convince TS Aline to visit Tokyo. Maybe if you guys petition her we can get her to come . She is based in California: http://www.theeroticreview.com/discussion_boards/viewAll.asp?MessageID=72797&boardID=19&page=1&view=2

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