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This kind of so-called 'massage' common in China?

Discussion in 'Americas Massage Reviews' started by Rajesh Raj, Jan 10, 2015.

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  1. Rajesh Raj

    Rajesh Raj New Member

    Jan 10, 2015
    i went to an aussie friend's wedding in north china recently. The ceremony concluded much earlier than i had thought. So i got several hours to kill before getting on my train back. So i decided to shower in a well decorated "bath and spa centre" in a way noisy and chaotic neighborhood only a few minutes' walk to the railway station. I was done taking my shower quickly. And then i was adviced by a sixty something old guy working there i could get inside the 'resting lounge' and watch some Tv there. And was given a see-through paper-made brief and a robe. I went there as advised and a thirty-something short lady came up to me unsolicited asking me if i'd like to have a massage. It was a dimly-lit area by the way. She told me it was 88 rmb. I realized it might be some 'sexual element to the service and agreed anyway. She took me to a room with a bed and Tv after walking past a zig-zag pathway(for privacy reasons). She then left and came back with a kit (a 20 rmb bill, a pack of chewing gums and a bottle of lubricant which i realized later. I laid myself on the bed and she started off the 'massage' by pressing my thighs and crotch. She was not very good-looking and was a short girl but i had a hard-on regardless. And pitched a tent inside the somewhat see-through brief. Almost 15 min later i asked her what else was included in the fee. And she said something like a 'prostate protection massage'. And i asked how much would that take. And she was like it depends on how long you could last, at which point i realized a hand job was waiting for me. Before long she opened the kit and took out the bottle and poured drops of it to the tip of my manhood. She pulled down my brief and started doing it. I asked her to take it slow but she told me to shut up rudely. i climaxed after about a minute's violent rubbing up and down. She told me "there's a lot" and i took that as a compliment a. Is this common in china to advertise it as massage when it's something else? Was i ripped off

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