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(Sunset and) Sunrise Spa

Discussion in 'New York Massage Reviews' started by sc4bbedwing, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. sc4bbedwing

    sc4bbedwing Member

    Feb 23, 2010
    Sunday nights are slow and placid and cool. Today was a beautiful harbinger of Spring - an orgy of sunlight and warm breezes and cloudless sky. I spent the day outside, came home and grilled a nice steak, then went out into the cooling air to cap a perfect day the way every perfect day should be capped - with a massage and a handjob.

    New York houses the widest array of new immigrants on the planet, but you won't find them in Manhattan. If you're looking for the newest arrivals on our lionized shores, look no further than Brooklyn and Queens. There are ethnic neighborhoods woven through the fabric of both those boroughs that are impenetrable to outsiders, where they take care of their own and preserve as much of their own culture as they can amidst the 24 hour a day onslaught that is 21st century America.

    Manhattan's Chinatown is fun but it pales in depth to Flushing and in breadth to the enormous swath of Brooklyn that is principally occupied by its Asian population. Flushing is overwhelming to the rub junkie - you step off the train and are instantly assaulted by barkers who dot the sidewalk offering cheap massages. Brooklyn is sedate by comparison, and you could easily have trouble finding a decent spot if you haven't done your homework and aren't fluent in Cantonese or Mandarin.

    I'm fluent in neither, but I'm a diligent student of massage parlors and am not afraid to enter any place that looks remotely promising, no matter what I find inside. So tonight I found my way into a place called Sunrise Spa, located roughly in the middle of nowhere, Brooklyn, USA.

    The rate was 30 bucks for half an hour, 50 for an hour. There was no shower but the place was clean and simple. Private rooms, but the street entrance is obvious and indiscreet. Far from a special place, it was at least unobjectionable.

    I was greeted by a nice woman who pointed wordlessly at a sign on the wall setting out the prices. I agreed to half an hour and got undressed. At first glance I thought she was older but on closer inspection I realized that her terrible haircut and soccer mom attire made her look much older than she was. I decided she was about 30 or so...and that her polo shirt was covering a nice little body.

    She got to work and gave me a surprisingly excellent massage. Maybe not as hard as I would have liked, but very solid and therapeutic. Then I flipped over and she did a little soft touching and put her hand near my cock. I looked her in the eye and nodded. She touched me lightly, then applied some oil.

    As she stroked me up and down I felt her nice tight ass and then slid my hand into her shirt. She had full breasts and I slipped my hand into her bra and felt her hard nipples. She stroked harder and faster and smiled broadly as I came.

    As she cleaned me up I asked her name. She replied "no English" - certainly the first time I've been with a massage girl so new to the country she didn't at least know that phrase. I smiled at her and she smiled back. She seemed like a nice girl. I tipped her 40 bucks and she gave me a big hug before showing me out into the cool night air.

    My day was complete as I breathed deeply and climbed the steps to the elevated subway line. I could see Brooklyn's sprawl spreading all around me. Every light in every building represented someone's life, every window in every house was a window to someone's soul. The train pulled into the station and I was on my way home.

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  2. Jack617

    Jack617 New Member

    May 9, 2017
    Well written. Nice.

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