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Shara of tantrashara.com

Discussion in 'New York Massage Reviews' started by Miss Samantha, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. tatum

    tatum Guest

    My prayer is that everybody who steps into Shara's sanctuary recognizes and honors her as the master healer and true artist that she is in every sense of the word. She deserves nothing less. I hope to reconvene with Shara again in the coming months and will always be sending good thoughts her way.
  2. wow, fuck this site
    For the site owner, you let this clusterfuck go on for 4 years knowing the damage it was causing and you still refuse to delete the thread? What's wrong with you?
    Shara, I'm really sorry that you were shown this kind of disrespect.
    You can always take comfort in the fact that what goes around comes around.
  3. Your m0m agreed to give me a BBBJ for a dollar
  4. I think the giant labia you saw was your face in the mirror.
  5. Shara is so amazing at creating a safe and sensual place to explore our relationship and love as a couple. I hold her in high esteem as a dakini. She helped my wife and I get closer and begin to feel the asoratiod for one another we were forgetting to express. We are both looking forward to seeing her again soon.
  6. When I met Shara about 3 weeks ago, I walked in with a load of weight bearing trauma, blockages, self hate, abysmal self esteem, I couldn't even look in the mirror without being sick.
    I chose Shara because I have seen her sites and reviews and I can truly feel that she was learned in the ancient healing arts and she helped guide me into the place where I can find it within myself.
    When I entered into her space she made me feel at ease right away. I'd have to admit that I had lost all of my bearings right away as most people wouldn't be accustomed to be receiving that level of affection from somebody they just met. Through spiritual counseling and insight she was able to help me find the areas where self sabotage was coming from and as a result I have been able to get my creative engines cranking again. The bodywork was amazing! She was able to intuitively find the areas that were in most need of healing. Negativity that was stored deep in my tissues and cells were blasted away, and we worked on Tantric breath and control techniques which I had been able to apply at home. I had been able to show more intimacy to wife and able to express myself more openly to family and friends as well as dropping over 10 pounds. People who are reading through this entire thread, I would want to remind you that Tantra and Sacred Sexuality is a spiritual path that in the long term can give you so much more pleasure and ecstasy than getting a physical release from a massage instead of building up that energy and living in a constant orgasmic state. It's really about being completely present in everything you do. I really hope that Tantra as a fad dies out, so that people who are really in need of it for healing can get it without having to through embarrassing screening processes like having them call other practitioners or having them call your work place to see if you really work there.
    If you are looking to work with a real Tantric Dakini who is a true master in her craft, I highly recommend Shara.
  7. I agree with the previous posts- it is sick this website let a thread like go on for four years. Whoever wrote that stuff about Shara has a real problem and i can guarantee she is not the kind of Tantra provider this idiot made her out to be. Sounds like some jealous boyfriend or other provider trying to kill her business. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet folks. I have been working with Shara solely as my mind, body, healer, therapist for over five years now. We have gone very deep into my emotional roots and how they create physical and mental blocks against being able to value everything in my life, and to communicate with people when we have a difference. Tantra is not about showing up and cumming, and I am sorry so many stupid people make it out to be that. My entire life has grown through working with Shara, first how I am with myself, my body, and then my love for my family, and my professional ability to work through ups and downs that come my way with a Tantric spiritual approach, in body, mind, and spirit. I was sorry Shara had to take a break from working with people because of the idiots who write threads like this, and I am heartened that she is back and spiritually stronger than ever. If you have the opportunity to work with Shara I highly recommend it for long term not just some one off. The way she guides will change you whole life perspective.
  8. Actornyc

    Actornyc Guest

    I saw Shara for the first time yesterday. I was completely cut off from myself and unable to show love for people in my life. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you Shara for making today a beautiful day. I am connected to myself more than ever today and feel so grounded. May your love and gift come back to you 3 fold. Enjoy the warmth of Spring!
  9. ..she said to me
    Who are you and what have u done with my husband? and....
    Whoever you are.. you are more than welcome to stay...
  10. I felt blessed to have had time with Shara a few years ago. She is indeed a beautiful and divinely sensual spirit.

    In that one two hour session I went away feeling "patient toward all that remains unresolved in my heart". With Shara I felt I could "live the questions (of life and passion) now".

    I am glad she has returned and is more beautiful than ever. I can't wait to get back to regular sessions with her if she will have me.
    Infinite peace and light, Shara!
  11. [QUOTE="Rainbowcalidude, post: 970451"If you have the opportunity to work with Shara I highly recommend it for long term not just some one off. The way she guides will change you whole life perspective.[/QUOTE]

    Yes, I agree that as time and resources allow I'll work with Shara at every chance I get with her as my sole provider, which unfortunately, for now, has to be once every several months or so. But I'm sure that each time will be power and memorable and like a savory meal you can have just have once in a while, you just enjoy it as much as you can, and get the most out of it as possible.
  12. In June I was diagnosed with Stage 3 B Lung Cancer -both lungs. Inoperable because the tumors were too close to the organs. Remission rate: 10%
    On Tuesday, March 15th the radiation oncologist confirmed that my scan showed "No evidence of cancer."
    Unknowingly to Shara, her writing, poetry, richly evolving life and practice, over the past 10 months have brought many smiles, laughter, introspection and peace to my heart and soul. My prayer for Shara is that she remain
    healthy, happy and always at peace…. Thank you. Love.
  13. WillGemini

    WillGemini Guest

    I recently saw Shara for the first time after several emails and phone calls. I was so moved by our connection. It really had a profound effect on me. Lasting positive energy, and an inspiration never to settle for less than the level of connection that fully engages me. I was utterly immersed in how she connects so beautifully, which while intense and deeply sensual also embodied me with a sense of freedom.
    I would absolutely love to see Shara again, and to continue our connection, returning to learn more about Tantra breath and practice.
  14. Nevemore

    Nevemore Guest

    Shara is a world class Tantric Dakini with amazing healing powers. I saw her some months ago for a first tantra session. I was full of negative blocks that was hindering me from maximizing my potential in all areas of life. She found where those blocks were and I can't explain it but something was blown wide open in me and I've never been the same since. To this day, I've been building on that energy and riding that same orgasmic wave. I've learn to approach life by taking slow deep yogic breaths and remaining attached and aware of my body and all of it's sensations. I've been more positive, sensual and spiritual as a result.I hope to see her again and take what I have learn from our session and bring it to the next level.
  15. MJGRando

    MJGRando Guest

    Seeing Shara was like a dream. Took a while for the whole experience to sink in. She was absolutely magnificent. Didn't realize how intense it was until a while later - could barely walk, seat, or keep my eyes open. Night before I couldn't sleep because of the anicipation, night after I had the most blissful sleep I've had in a long while :) I'll be looking forward to seeing Shara again.
  16. MixDDDHue

    MixDDDHue Guest

    Since last week, I've been reflecting on my first session with Shara. I thought it was amazing. We covered a lot of ground together and, I think, started building a strong foundation of trust and understanding that will be a very good base for exploration and growth. I am hugely impressed by Shara as a guide and teacher and wrote here to thank her publicly for her time, caring, expertise and professionalism.
  17. When I left Shara's the other day I was too blissed-out to focus on planning a next visit or being expressive – I was still lost in enjoying the energy. The session was fantastic – Shara made my first experience a joy -- and it feels like it will get even better when I am more comfortable and w know each other better. Very nice to think back on. And to look forward to more.
    I hope to plan that soon...
  18. ABNYC

    ABNYC Guest

    I reflect upon what motivated be to first explore tantra (improving physical performance) to where Shara has brought me now. It is a path full of self- awareness, light, and love. Shara's guidance is giving me the awareness of my natural spirit and the focus to manifest that spirit into my life. So much greater in magnitude than what I originally sought. Her guidance and energy has led me to connecting with my spirit, and to heal.
    I came across the following definition of "Dakini" and she posted it on her website after I sent it to her: "This was an honorary title given to women who had the rare ability to help people instantly connect to spirit through their embodiment of divine feminine energy. In the presence of a dakini, people would become spontaneously "awakened" and set free of the masks and pretenses that disempowered them. This initiation would enable them to connect with states of divine union and bliss that they had always longed to experience."
    I am blessed and honored to be in Shara's Dakini presence to this day.
    Shara, I hope everyone who meets you sees what you can offer their lives and allows you to guide them intuitively as you do so beautifully.
  19. Apparently Shara is no longer with the jealous boy friend and is now writing her own reviews. I love when providers come onto sites and attempt to negate 5 years of reviews. Too Funny
  20. BGrateful

    BGrateful Guest

    Dear Shara,

    There are not enough wonderful words in the whole Earth to thank you as your generosity deserves it. You have made me discover and learn a lot on life and me.

    Would there be more persons wearing their soul outside as you do, rather than hidden inside, our world would be quite a different place, in Peace.

    Take care

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