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shanghai sex guide(zt)

Discussion in 'China Massage Reviews' started by Gtrgtrvtr, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. Final Dexter

    Final Dexter Member

    Nov 9, 2009
    What's the normal price range for KTVs in Shanghai? I never paid as it's ususally paid by business associates and the girls tells me it's +/-RMB2000 per night!! Is that the right price range? The club I went to is at Huaihai lu (same building as Citi Sauna). Thanks
  2. debabrata h

    debabrata h Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    Anyone know if vitamin V is available in Shanghai?
  3. Head Like A Hole

    Head Like A Hole Member

    Sep 16, 2009
    I love to fuck in Shanghai.
    Going to make the trip soon.
    Yes baby here I come.
  4. Pompal 09.

    Pompal 09. Active Member

    Feb 9, 2011
    I would also like to know the location or at least the phone #. Thanks!
  5. Marlena Searcy

    Marlena Searcy Member

    Jun 21, 2010
    boiz1014....you mentioned.....I can only speak to Yu Ping Massage and highly recommend 818 and the location - the girls suspend from bars with red robes and you can DATY or just enjot the 69 situation - also tounge bath all over and what was truly the best for me was being raised to doggy style and having her not only rim me, but suck my balls - i ducked my head and could watch - great view - better feeling !

    PLEASE.....tell me where this is. Is 818 HER number or an address? Is this in Pudong? I am going to Shanghai today for 4 days and want to visit THIS place. I am staying at the Interncon in PuDong.....please give a few directions. Cost: how much for how long?

  6. ConfusedArmyChick

    ConfusedArmyChick Member

    Oct 28, 2009
    nice one - thanks 4 the good info
  7. Lapara99

    Lapara99 Member

    Oct 2, 2009

    Holy shit, you have done some good work in bringing back some of the data lost from the old site. Thanks a million. If we had more mongers doing the same, we could easily build this site into a one stop shop for internationl pussy.

    I do have one comment to make on your post, however:

    On your post "G5 If you walk out the Portman to Nanjing Lu and turn left, walk east to the street between Plaza 66 and Portman (I do not know the name) and turn left, walk to Beijing Lu and on the left corner across the street there is a BBS, ..."

    I have been there and found it to be too much of a hustle for my taste. After picking a gal and going upstairs, I recall that she kept trying to get me to agree to two girls for double the price (and only one BJ of coarse) so I never went back. Also, I don't recall the girls being too good looking.

    Has this place changed?
  8. Carmen

    Carmen Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    I worked this up from posts of about 8 months to present. It is a summary of what I took from the posts to aid in my hunt. I hope it helps,and anyone is free to augment. I focus mainly on Puxi side since I did not venture to Pudong. Key to use is that I have indexed these locations via the Shanghai 2005 Tourist Map. Pick one up at your hotel, then it is just like playing Monger Battleship!

    Of note, I will post the directions that I have forthe infamous Village, but I spent two hours looking for the damn place in 90 degree heat and was unsuccessful, so if someone could point out - I ended up near a hotel and a Poalroid factory.

    Here goes:


    - City Sauna on 9th Floor, Golden Bell Plaza , HuaiHai Zhong Lu - choose # 87 (or 28 ?) Elevators on south side of bldg – Huai Hai Lu – no FS ?

    - Alice (at 399 Changhua Lu - 021.62762981) – buffet after - 600
    D6 - Yu Ping (448 Zun Yi Lu close to Tian Shan Road – 650 rmb works - Zhong Shan Park … lineup of 3 - subway stations and take a quick 10rmb taxi ride to get there. 021-6233-2398) –- #830 = teacher - try to get 600 mention Xiao Zheng- boss = Fan Yu Gang

    H4- Skyline – near Holiday Inn getting off the cab in front of the Holiday in and continuing along Tian Mu Xi Lu until the next big crossing. Took the overpass and on the other side you can see the big blue sign "Skyline - Tian Mu Xi Rd corner of Chang'An Rd...one block from the station...4th flooor ? 86-21-63530006

    C7- Cloud Mountain - 3911 Hongmei Lu -near Yang An Rd, Gubei 4th floor – lineup of 10 (#11 - passion) - 500 rmb or #8

    F7- Hengshang Hotel (on Hengshang Lu, next to Regal East Asia). Got bored around 11 so I decided to check out the baron second floor. – 700 rmb

    E7- 1281 Zhongshan Xi Lu near Wuzhong Lu: Hai Something Sauna – 650 rmb

    M6- Purple Mountain Hotel – near Intercontinenetal - 5th floor “Spa” – 400 + 400 - relaxing

    F7- Nice massage parlor on Tianping Road, at the top of Hengshan Road, heading away from Huaihai. There's this big yellow sign with flashing neon for a massage place downstairs, there's a Hello Kitty store upstairs and it's part of some bigger health complex. 48 for 45 min massage massage - another 250 for 45 min FS - comfortable

    I can only speak to Yu Ping Massage and highly recommend 818 and the location - the girls suspend from bars with red robes and you can DATY or just enjot the 69 situation - also tounge bath all over and what was truly the best for me was being raised to doggy style and having her not only rim me, but suck my balls - i ducked my head and could watch - great view - better feeling !


    - H6 Park 97 Fuxing Lu
    - Zapatas closer to the Portmann
    - Pegasus
    - Malone's Amercian bar at Tong Ren Ru. (crowded Sun, Mon)
    - Manhattans on TongRen Lu
    - Face
    - M Box - 3F Peregrine Plaza, 1325 Huaihai Road
    - Babyface – Maoming,
    - Manhatten – Maoming
    - Cash Box (karaoke as well) – across from Park 97
    - Long Bar (in hotel ?)
    - bars and restaurants around the Tongji- and Fudan-University.
    - LA Disco same building as City Sauna – w/ KTV as well
    - Paulaner's at Fengyang Road.
    - Rojam –in hong kong plaza(xiang gang guang chang), monday and wednesday are ladies nights

    Pegasus was good on Ladies night and I would have socored freebie if her friend wasn't irresponsibly drunk, but my fave is definitely Zapatas where there is freebie hunting and closer to exits semi pros will give you eye contact and away you go

    BBS :


    - Eshan Lu - take the subway to Dongchang Lu station and then follow Pudong Nanlu straight south. I figure it's a good 15-20 minute hike, maybe a little more. On the way, you'll pass Weifang Lu and Pudian Lu. When you finally get to Eshan Lu, hang a left and then pass the first intersection (Nanquan Lu) and then keep going east another several hundred meters. The place is on the left back from the street behind some trees.200+ 50 FS rmb - 4th one to the east of the intersection between Eshan Lu and Nanquan Lu - Further to the east about 300m or so, on the other side of the road, is a massage place with girls all in long black dresses. It turns out to be a factory of sorts. Quite an operation there. I'd guess they have about 10 separate rooms and about the same number of girls.

    -Qi Lu Wan Yi Da Jiu Dian" (Courtyard Hotel by Marriott). It is on the corner of Dong Fang Lu and Wei Fang Lu, a 23RMB, 7 minute taxi trip from Jin Mao.

    Straight across the road from the Hotel taxi drop off point, on Wei Fang Lu, is the first BBS (Black and white BBS sign), which is open day and night. Lisa is an 8 and she is usually standing inside the doorway dressed in lace. She was quite busy yesterday, has seven clients. Only problem is that she charges 400 for FS. Try and get the deed done asap as all the beds look a bit too grubby.

    It is quite safe, lot's locked doors, and a separate escape exit if the local Jiancha conduct a raid.

    If you walk a further 50 meters down Wei Fang Lu you come to a second BBS. This also has the revolving B&W BBS sign, but this time spinning with pictures of models supporting various hairstyles in a futile to pass off as a legit operation. Now this is a lot of fun. Four women averaging from 6 to 9 very GFE. I settled for two. Maybe business for a Sunday afternoon was quiet, but FS from one (the 9) while the other had her 35 Cup impaled in my mouth for only 300 RMB is what I call a deal.

    - Factory - Take the metro to Lianhua Lu (Lu = Road) station (line 1, direction Xinzhuang). Use the north exit and take the overpass to cross the street. You will see a big shopping mall called Brilliance South Shopping Mall. Go to the left side of it and you'll find a HomeMart. As said, don't go in but continue to the left and you'll come to an ally. It's about 10m from there and it's really easy to see. It is very pink at night and you cannot see through the windows – 150 all in rmb (probably puxi)

    - Weifang road between Laoshan road and Dongfang road in front of the Supreme Tower and the Court Yard Hotel. Very nice and pretty girls but seemed very young. Very noisy when calling you to come in. I don’t know if they are 18.


    J6 - Huang Pi Nan Lu Factory: Huang Pi Nan Lu itself, and somewhere around the number 688 691 -150 rmb

    old Factory near hongmei lu and shangdong xi lu (about 3 blocks away from here). This is the hard one to give directions to but you can always just goto their sister store, the one next to Carrefoure and Starbucks off of the subway line 1 exit in Minghang. Didn't see anything at the Factory so we just kep strolling that street. Went into this huge BBS with about 10 gurlz.

    J6 - 373 Shun Chang lu, not so far from Huang pi lu and Jinan lu. Factory –250 300 rmb - on – 2nd floor

    G5 Wuding Road between Xihong Road and Shanxi North Road There are at least 3-4 The one closest to Xihong Road has steps down

    Corner Wulumuqi and Nanjing Road

    C8 - Hang Zhong Lu and Wu Zhong road in Minghang district– Village - - Wuzhong Lu and take a right, and then right again when you see a white entrance gateway. (Hang Zhong Lu / Wu Zhong Lu) –daytime only ? 4-5 shops – walk through gate and all on right 150 only

    G5 - BJ Bar (unique atmosphere vs. BBS) – couches…): ZY Bar - 1771 Xin zha Lu, and this was between jiao zhou lu and chang de lu. – 350 rmb for relaxed BJ only open after 7 pm.

    G5 If you walk out the Portman to Nanjing Lu and turn left, walk east to the street between Plaza 66 and Portman (I do not know the name) and turn left, walk to Beijing Lu and on the left corner across the street there is a BBS, five or six cuties sitting there, rooms upstairs are clean,hard walls seperating the areas and a curtain. put sheet on the massage chair, service was good. Nice to know that it is in the neighborhood, unlike some of the other BBS on Beijing Lu.Also some sitting outside of starbucks at night, talking on phones and looking busy. also on occasion some sw between portman and mandarin hotel, but they are very hit or miss.

    E5 F5 - Xuan Hua Lu starting form the Jiangsu lu end( the east). There are at least 5 or 6 BBS in the section up to Ding Xi Lu. If coming from the west Mayfair Hotel end you go head south from Ding Xi Lu Mayfair is on your right, after passing through Mayfair, You will see Kentucky Fried Chicken on your right, Xuan Hua Road is just opposite KFC, once you go into xuan hua road, HJ only 100 rmb. Takeout avail

    Carreour Factory gets my vote though never did find the damn Village. I got very rushed service at Huang Pi Nan Lu Factory on afternoon visit and may never return, though she knew what she was doing, but do NOT pay more than 130 because she tried to work 150 or 200 out of me. Always pay the papasan.


    G6 Changshu Lu and jsut one block south of Xikang Lu. The karaoke is on the corner
    373 Shun Chang lu, not so far from Huang pi lu and Jinan lu. Factory –250 300 on – 2nd floor.

    KTV located on corner of Dong Fang Lu and Weifang Lu, across from the Marriott.


    Pussy - Xiao mei mei
    Handjob - da fei ji
    Take off clothes - tuo yi fu
    She came - dao le
    CIM – Hao Bao
    Blow – chui


    Go to 158 Jin Xian Lu. Go past the City Hotel on Shanxi Nan Lu toward Changle. Go past Julu, past the Mantou place (stop and buy some - delicious), next street on the left. Half way down on the left. The sign says Ka De Club. I think it is supposed to be an internet club. Go inside and there is a woman on a computer. Walk past her into the door on the right, go down the hall, first door on the right. You will find this secret place full of westerners.

    They have a good selection of CDs and DVDs, some on the rack and others in the catalogs on the tables. Enjoy!

    Hope this helps. My way of repaying the debt I owe to posters whose information has yielded some great trips to Shanghai.

  9. endu84

    endu84 Newbie

    Aug 20, 2012
    Dear Singh, can you tell me the specific address for this Ji Yuan Hui Suo? thanks very much. appreciated.
  10. jasonvee

    jasonvee Newbie

    Aug 4, 2012
    a co-worker of mine went to china and followed a guy advertising out side of his hotel in shanghai and got mugged in the massage parlor -
    they demanded him to charge $2500 on his credit card lol and he obliged
  11. frostytheblowman

    frostytheblowman Newbie

    Sep 5, 2012
    i'm going to shanghai in january, from the 5th to the 12th. i speak pretty fluent mandarin, so if anyone over there knows any hot spots i'd love to hang, definitely exploring yuping :) can also chill at some KTVs, i've been to some before and i know how to haggle and shoo away scammers. i usually just have a few drinks there, talk to the girls i like, get their numbers and meet them after they're done with work. anybody down?
  12. frostytheblowman

    frostytheblowman Newbie

    Sep 5, 2012
    dayum! well i'll be going to shanghai in january, 5th to 12th. anybody wanna group up and hang out together? go to some hotspots? i got fluent mandarin speaking skills, and i'll even pay for our hotel.. long as someone buys my drinks :)
  13. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    YOu will be my hero :p ;)
  14. laowai

    laowai Newbie

    Sep 23, 2012
    anyone interessted to go to sacrosa or bodi this evening/night? it's my last two days in shanghai and i don't want to miss the chance to go there but it would be nice to have someone who joines me.
  15. mrfunktastic

    mrfunktastic Newbie

    Sep 23, 2012
    Hey guys i'm going to shanghai in early October for 2 nights and i'm looking to have some fun ;) i was born in sh so i can speak the language. I'm planing to get a half decent hotel near xujiahui or jin'an si then i'll probably go hit up one of these saunas with a nuru massage special service as we don't have that here in Sydney :eek: , Do you guys have suggestions or experiences about a good sauna with nuru massage and special service and hopefully with a nice hotel near by? because i also plan to get a cute escort girl for a in-call :D On that note where should i be looking to find a nice escort girl for over night service? I was planing to look for some random "salons" and find a nice looking working girl and ask if she does over night service but then i thought that might be a bit risky as i don't know if these girls are clean or even if i'll find any nice ones at all. i have been looking on craigslist and enjoycitycn.com but most of the picture of the girls on there seems fake. So brothers i need your help, let me know about the best saunas you have visited in shanghai and what hotel did you stay at? or what escort service or freelancer did you call and where did you find them?

    Cheers :)
  16. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest


    Hi All,

    I am from you UK, visited shanghai on a business visit few months back. I had a scary experience in shanghai.
    I stayed in a 4 star hotel , i wanted to try special massage I had heard, so went out of the hotel in night. I was approached by a well dressed person who offered to show pretty girls who would give special massage for 100 RMB.
    He took me in a taxi (10 mins) to see the girls. I was bit vary on where he was taking me but I was listening to my deck rather than my head. Girls very ok not very ugly. I didn't want to have sex so she gave me BJ and special massage and collected 100 RMB and left immediately, as soon as she left a thug entered with a calculator and demanded me to pay 17000 RMB for room rent, drinks (which I didnt order), girl, etc. I refused to pay and started arguing and he called his boss i told i wont pay them. He started becoming violent and physical pushing me and he asked for my passport and ID, luckily i didn't have my passport but then took my DL and took a photo and said they will pass onto police, i knew they were faking. after 15 mins few guys came in and stared forcefully checking my wallet and found 2000 RMB and they said I need to settle rest of the money by card, they started physically abusing me, i didn't have any option but to agree to pay another 6000 RMB.

  17. Hi. I went to 448 zun yi Lu and spent a couple of hours trying to find the place but no luck. The girl working at the hotel claimed there is no massage spa place. Has yu ping closed down or moved? Can someone tell me the new location or confirm if there is no more yu ping?
  18. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Is there any of these massage places in Pudong?
  19. mblue

    mblue Newbie

    Oct 16, 2012
    second this question. will be in pudong in two weeks.
  20. Dakorean

    Dakorean New Member

    Feb 24, 2013
    Heading to Shanghai in few weeks. Which hotel is cheap, yet clean and also close to the massage places?

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