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shanghai sex guide(zt)

Discussion in 'China Massage Reviews' started by Gtrgtrvtr, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. Gtrgtrvtr

    Gtrgtrvtr Member

    Dec 27, 2009
    I totally agree with Caricari about sex service is more important than looks and good figure. I've personally have had more mediocre sex service from hot girls than average looking girls. In my experience with overnight sex the average looking girls provided way better sex services than the really hot looking one.

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  2. tmatme

    tmatme Member

    Jan 17, 2010
    :D Guys old question please. How to get to Yu Ping? Which hotel is this attached to?
  3. Kenneth

    Kenneth Member

    Aug 28, 2009
    Members of prostitution ring sentenced
    Yang Lifei
    2006-01-14 Beijing Time
    A LOCAL court recently sentenced 10 members of a criminal ring to jail terms ranging up to 12 years for organizing prostitution in the city since June 2005, police announced yesterday.

    Police said the three ring leaders were given jail terms of six, nine and 12 years, but wouldn't specify who received which terms. An eleventh defendant was not given any punishment, as judges decided he played a very small role in the criminal activities.

    Police were first alerted to the prostitution ring in January 2005 by a man surnamed Hua who said he found his girlfriend's picture in an online ad for prostitution. He set up a date with the woman in the ad, who turned out to be his girlfriend, according to Zhao Jinyi of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

    The girlfriend told Hua she was forced to turn tricks by a criminal gang that had taken naked pictures of her and threatened to make them public if she didn't follow orders.

    "The furious man immediately alerted police and officers caught up with two ring leaders Xie Ming and Dong Guowei at a hotel later that day," Zhao said.

    In the following week police seized another nine accomplices and a large number of criminal tools including computers, cameras and many nude photos of women.

    Police alleged Xie and Dong, both unemployed local men, came up with the scheme in early June 2004 as a way to make it rich without any capital.

    "The criminal ring targeted innocent women, some of whom were their friends," Zhao said. "The first victim was the classmate of a female ring member."

    The ring first took nude photos of the women, which were used as a threat to force them to commit prostitution, and then issued their information online to solicit customers.

    "If any one resisted, she would get beaten up," Zhao added.


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  4. hippie6irl10

    hippie6irl10 Member

    Apr 1, 2010
    No but i have read a Google translated adult site from Chinese to English and it's pretty sweet, it gives me all the info on girls, clubs, bars, etc. :D

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  5. LillyB

    LillyB Member

    Apr 22, 2010
    Hi Guys, I am going to Shanghai 12 March, I speak mandarin but i don't know any place, Where is Yu Ping located? My office in Zhang Yang road, anyone of you know where is Yu Ping please let me know, and also if you have others nice places, please let me know as well, i am going with a friend from taiwan, we both looking for good time. thanks
  6. PUMPKIN head

    PUMPKIN head Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    Just came back from a few days stay in Shanghai, returned more horny than when I arrived.
    I did not know this Website beforehand, a mistake, I just always let my friends take care of the action and where to go. That will definitely be different next time !
    Anyways, here a short report of a newbie without the knowledge of this forum.
    Stayed in Pudong Novotel Atlantis, came back from business dinner at about 22:00, at the elevator hall 2 girls sitting and obviously waiting.
    I was with a friend, the 2 girls joined us in the elevator, I got out at a lower floor, one girl followed me, luckily the prettier one. She asked "Massage? 300RMB", and I agreed, she was maybe a 7, good body, about 1.60m.
    We showered, she was completely shaved, which just turned me on more.
    She started massaging my shoulders and soon pointed to my dick and her pussy in return to which I also agreed. She asked for 1000RMB and even my bargaining skills didn't let her go down more. So 1000RMB it was.
    She started with a HJ, had a condom with her, but there was no kissing nor BJ. Then to FS, all kind of positions, that was fine. No time limit.
    Was a good experience, though compared with the prices I read in this forum a bit steep, but for a "beginner" I find it acceptable.

    Next day Woodstock in Tongren Rd.
    Nice Ladies there, but not the pretty types.
    One cutie though, and as I had loaded a couple of Whiskeys already, agreed to 2000RMB (!) for LT.
    Went back with her to the Novotel Atlantis, and wow, was she great.
    1.55m, cute face, bis natural breasts, the apple type.
    She wasn't shaved, but had not much hair anyway.
    Sex was basically "girlfriend" type. Kissing, HJ, BBBJ, pussy eating, AR (both), all kinds of positions, have a break and talk, continue FS, man, it went on for 2 hours.
    Finally COF which surprised her, but she took it all. Well, she kind of "punished" my dick with a great BBBJ afterwards.
    It was 5am by then, I had to be back to business at 8am, with my business partner's door next to me, so sent her home despite the prospective of more great sex in the morning...
    Do I love Shanghai, adorable sex opportunities chasing you...
    Next time I will try Yuping Massage, though. Thanks bros for the infos !
  7. The_Living_End

    The_Living_End Member

    Jun 15, 2010
    Thanks bro. Will keep that in mind.

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  8. nick h h

    nick h h Member

    Oct 15, 2009
    the flanagan bar is ok, but is expensive, about 1`50 usd for one jump.
    i suggest you better go to manhattan bar in tongren road , corner with yang an road. they are much better and the price is the same.

    But the best suggestion is to go to a massage parlor, get 2 girls for about 1000 rmb and then go back to the bar to keep drinking and try to get a girl for free.
  9. RosieB-x

    RosieB-x Member

    Dec 22, 2009
    i had no idea where to post this

    June is a recent graduate of N Medical University in China. Soon after graduation, she got the chance to work in the N Medical School Affiliated Hospital — a highly sought after position. Several days ago, after June read an article titled "Restore the Reputation of Female University Student – Refute 'University in China Will Become the Largest Brothel'" [note 1] on the Internet, she revealed just how she came by such a coveted appointment.

    June: When I first arrived at university I was very impressed by the skyscrapers and trendy people on the streets—everything was totally different to my little hometown in the country. It made me feel embarrassed and somehow inferior, but it also piqued my curiosity. I wanted to be one of these city people. I swore to myself then that I would work hard, become an excellent doctor, and win a chance to stay in the city.

    During my first and second year at university, I spent all my spare time on my studies. As a result, my marks were among the top ten in my class. I felt that I was moving toward my future as one of those city people, although my clothes still looked quite shabby compared to those of my classmates.

    During my third year, the confidence that I had developed as a result of my academic success was extinguished. I realized that no matter how high my marks ranked, no matter how much effort I put in and how well I did at my studies, I could never hope to hold an important position in my class. I could not become student chief of my class, department or university. These positions depended on social and party affiliations that I did not have. Whenever our city classmates went to some social function, all of us from the country would be left behind. I felt very disillusioned.

    Only after a chance conversation with another student from my village {she was pursuing post-graduate work at the time) did I realize the big secret. She told me, "If you want to get a good job, it is useless to just study hard. The key person for you is your class chief [note 2]. You need a good relationship with the teachers, officials and leaders from the University Office, Youth League Committee and University Student Management Section, etc. Those departments are in charge of student management. Did you notice that the school opening is the busiest time for the teachers? Not only do they need to be at home to wait for bribes from the students, but they also need to attend banquets hosted by the students' parents."

    I said, "But I have problems filling my stomach, where could I get enough money to bribe anyone?" That was when my fellow-villager continued to explain, "Have you noticed your classmates W and L. Aren't they very welcomed?"

    "W and L," I replied, "don't they look like prostitutes?" She seemed hurt and said, "Don't abuse people. People have different aspirations."

    From her demeanor I knew I had said something wrong. There had been rumors that she was the mistress of a section chief, and that he was financing her education in return.

    After returning from her place, I couldn't get her words out of my mind, and I could not study anything. I needed to gain admittance to a hospital for the next term to do my practical studies. Many students had already been confirmed for spots at different hospitals, and the rest were totally consumed by the process of choosing one over another based on their supposed merits. Only the few of us from the countryside had not received any news regarding our appointments. We went to our class chief to ask why we had not heard anything, but he did not explain the situation. Instead, he told us not to worry because if we didn't receive an appointment, we could finish our practical studies at our hometown hospitals.

    I felt confused. Was my dream of staying in the city about to come to a harsh end? I sought the advice of my friend, the mistress. She seemed to have forgiven me for my former criticisms and told me that I should never return to my hometown. She reminded me that there is only one hospital in our hometown and that if I was not lucky, I could end up at a village clinic. Even if I was lucky, and managed to get a job at the hospital, my salary would only be a few hundred yuan per month—less than a third of what I would be paid at a city hospital. She also made it clear to me that if I did not do my practical studies at a city hospital, I would never have a chance of getting a job at one.

    "Is there any other way?" I asked, feeling hopeless. "Go to see your class chief," she said, "and go alone." I knew what she meant. It had come to this point and I could see no alternative. I put on a little make-up and went to see the class chief.

    This time, the class chief was very kind to me. He brought me a glass of water, sat in front of me and had a good look at my breasts. I lowered my head.

    "June," he said, "your studies in class are excellent, but your social capability is no good. You should become more practiced at this aspect. If you follow me, you will have no problem doing your practical studies at the hospital of your choice. Many of the hospital section chiefs are my classmates."

    "Whatever teacher wishes of me I will do," I replied, while keeping my gaze lowered to the floor. "Great!" he replied. "I am quite busy with my thesis at the moment. Come by my office tonight and help me with some typing."

    That night, on the way to the chief's office, I walked very slowly. Several times I almost gave up and turned back, but I didn't. I felt that I had never walked so long in all of my 21 years, though the chief's office should have been a short walk from my apartment. When I pushed open the door to his office he closed it quickly behind me. What happened after that was inevitable.

    I lost my virginity that night, but in exchange the chief promised me that he would see to it that I could stay in the city. Of course, in order to achieve my final goal, on the chief's advice, I visited several other men's offices… They were all important people who could make or break my future.

    Note 1: This article was in response to a May 21, 2003, Youth Reference article called "Investigation Report of Female University Student Prostitute Phenomenon." In the article, journalist Chen Renjie reported the story of a female university student prostitute in Wuhan city and the report quickly caused a national stir. Many articles were published on the Internet refuting that these practices occur. According to an AFP report from Beijing on May 29, 2003, Chen Wenjie was fired over the article along with two editors-in-chief.

    Note 2: 'Class chief' is a title within the CCP student management system. The person who fills this position is nominated by the local Communist Party branch affiliated with the university. The nominees are almost always Party members.


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  10. MacKenzie G

    MacKenzie G Member

    Aug 10, 2010
    hi gong kang is stop nr 4 on metro line 1 ... if you go out the left exit from the metro i don't rem the address .. if i go there again il have a detail description ... but i can try by what i remember ... you find yourself on that sidewalk, when you get out the left exit from the metro. Find a crossing street with a big KTV sign ... walk down that street until you find a spa on one side and hotel on the other side... and the spa has a sign outside showing a picture of a girl stepping on the back on a another person and it is saying 20rmb on the bottom (lol that was why i went inn the first time :) )

    :D but after finding qq i think im long gone from that place

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  11. cyborg ninja pirate jesus

    cyborg ninja pirate jesus Member

    Jul 14, 2010
    Where is the best (strategic.. for our purpose) lacated Budget hotel in Shanghai.
    Ill also be there in January (smile)

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  12. love bug

    love bug Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    Thanks Chuck. I did a search and turned up this hotel in Pudong

    Is this the Purple Mountain hotel you mentioned? It looks like an upscale place and not the sort that would provide what I was looking for.

    Also, has anyone used
    It looks like it might provide outcall with a smile :D

    I've seen there are quite a few DragonFly places. From the looks of things those are massage-only, correct?

  13. PBM seeking RWW

    PBM seeking RWW Member

    Sep 20, 2009

    New to the forum and Shanghai.. Would you give more detailed location of this interesting place you visited? I have searched the map and gong kang road is no where to be found. Perhaps a cross street name?


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  14. kait

    kait Member

    Sep 20, 2009
    what is the best (strategic...for our purpose)) located 5star Hotel in Shanghai....
    I'll be there end of January....

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  15. KiwiJoey

    KiwiJoey Member

    Oct 2, 2009
    hi haplo, I was there in april, it was alive and well. for other sites, please read the thread. have fun.
  16. ???GaGa Whisperer???

    ???GaGa Whisperer??? Member

    Feb 16, 2010
    Hi guys,

    I'm currently in Shanghai and, as I'm also French speaking a very very basic Mandarin, I wanted to come back to LEGIGI's question.

    LEGIGI, I 100% agree with Khuu327: I know that hunting and finding the right girl for a night is quite exciting but I would encourage you to be cautious and start with places like Yu Ping or other saunas (I was in Yu Ping 1 hour ago :p ).

    I mean, just give a try first to such places which are quite safe and good, then when you are more familiar with the city, you can give a try to something else. That's my second time in Shanghai and I will go only this week to Hengshan road and the bars just to see how things look like (not necessarly hunt).

    If you're looking for good sex without loosing too much time, at a decent price, give their chance to the saunas/massage first. Trust me it also makes you feel this monger thing :D

    Bye guys and thanks again for the great job performed in this forum...

    PS: I got today my first number from a massage girl, and I'll definitly call her evertime I go to Shanghai.
    PS: Any expert monger available at the end of the week for a the Hengshan road trip or something else similar (First beers will be mine :D )?
  17. Moon Light

    Moon Light Member

    Feb 23, 2010
    don't be excited my friend!
    I think other TETEK has no any malicious to you. (and he just mistyping the number)
    it is nice if you feel comfortable for 1200rmb overnight compare to you paid in your home country. we just want kindly tell people the truth is that the normal price should be 800-1000rmb for overnight service in shanghai. next time you may get sense to bargain with.

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  18. Its hard living off rice

    Its hard living off rice Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    Well, for girls skinny as the one posted, best go to the graveyard and dig up some bones. Yeah, I guess that's pretty sick...

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  19. farnoush

    farnoush Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    lol have you ever tried reading a Google translated text from Eng. to chin. its horrible ...

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  20. omrama12

    omrama12 Member

    Oct 28, 2009
    How do I go to Yu Ping from the airport?
    Just tell the taxi driver and he'll know ?

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