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Discussion in 'Regina Massage Review' started by BuBlyGiRlXXX, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Well after reading some not so good reviews on some girls I though I should post a review on a local I saw last week. I was unsure to post due to it not going to be the best review but reading the previous ones have help me in the past from making a mistake, as there are few to pick from around Regina.

    So after having one of my favorite visiting girls not making it I thought I’d try out a local as I’ve been waiting for a fix. Arrived in town and received directions and waited for 15 min so she could finish tidying up. Arrived inside to find a very messy apartment, hole on the wall, ect. Though ok well it is what it is. Sat down in her room and agreed on services. I requested a shower earlier as the drive was long. Her bathroom was worse then the living room. No shower head, so basically a shower from a garden hose except warmer, ha ha. No clean towels so she gave me a freshly washed pair of her pajama pants?? Ok kinda funny I guess .

    So things get rolling in the bed room, nice girl, easy to talk to. Nice little body, little soft but still good. Nice shave kitty but couldn’t get the nerve to try it due the bathroom scene still in my mind. Started with a some good body sliding and touching, out came her only condom, a small thick black rubber…. probably from the Husky . Safe BJ then some cowgirl, miss and tried to finish doggy. Was having trouble concentrating due to her phone going off and a friend came to her door. Finally finished with a great Russian hand job !!
    Was offered a drink sure lets talk while I prepare for round 2… was a long drive. Friend comes back and she lets her in and tells her to wait in the kitchen…. Well since it wasn’t a duo I guess we are finished here. I get dressed and get out, 30 minutes later $$$. All in all not the best but I pretty much laugh about it all the way home.

    Note: She does have some good reviews on sexyexcort so maybe it was an off day??? Repeat: Nope next time I need a laugh I’ll watch Billy Madison.

    L: 7, early to mid 30’s
    S: 5, rushed
    A: 8, good easy to talk to
    C: $$$/hour but was much shorter
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    Although her previous reviews have been very good, there's always been something that's made me leery of seeing her. I've had a couple of times where I was in the city and talked to her on the phone but something just felt a little off. Thanks for the info, and sorry you didn't have the best time.
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    I hear ya about the messy apartment, malfunctioning bath etc. Same as when I saw her late last year. Yet some guys don't seem to mind. Does ruin the experience for me, though not as much as having someone waiting in the kitchen. LOL. Thanks for the review. I thought I was the only one that saw the bad apartment etc.
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    re: taylor lovetoy

    her new location does not have the problems that the poster discribes that was downtown and the land lord was giving her grief.
    her place on the west side is nice private and easily got to. taylor always makes the best show for her clients and i have never been dissapointed.
    she knows how to treat a man and nothing is out of bounds.
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    Nice try taylor /shrug
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    alex4oral is a well known and established...are you????

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