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Review: Cindy at BeYoung

Discussion in 'Austin Massage Reviews' started by Greg0rz, Feb 16, 2012.

MoonLight Spa
  1. Greg0rz

    Greg0rz Member

    Aug 10, 2009
    Date: 10/28
    Provider: Cindy
    Phone: 512-804-5200
    Email Address: -
    URL / Website: http://austin.backpage.com/TherapeuticMassage/grand-opening-asian-best-massage-very-nice-sweet-friendly-staff/5442994
    City: Austin
    State: Texas
    Address: Oltorf/35
    Appointment Type: Spa
    Activities: Table Shower, fbsm, cbj, mpcfs, mish, cowgirl, doggie
    Session Length: 1 hr.
    Fee: $$
    Hair Length and Color: Black shoulder length
    Age: 28
    Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
    Ethnic Background: Asian
    Physical Description: Holy Christ, what a body. Petite, but I've never seen better in an AMP, and I'm from Houston. Playboy-quality natural tits, usual flat ass, flat belly, landing strip. Cute face, nice smile, nice personality. Body 9/10, face 7.5/10. Tits 10/10. Massage: Let's just say she's lucky she's hot and likes to fuck. Normally a 5 minute massage would piss me off. It's a shame cuz she had strong hands and seemed to know what she was doing. CBJ sucked too, and she seemed a little rushed, but once we got down to business she was an enthusiastic participant.
    Like usual, a very attractive provider put in little effort; meanwhile, the fat, ugly ones would do anything to get you off. Fits in with my theory that AMPs are like a microcosm of the greater, horrible world we live in. But with more fish stew smell.
    I give this a yes because I love gorgeous asian women. Buyer beware.
    Recommendation: Yes

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