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Prolapsed Disc- Advice Etc Required!

Discussion in 'Injury Recovery Rehabilitation Massage' started by Leftfoot, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Leftfoot

    Leftfoot Member

    Sep 20, 2009

    I'm new to the forum and wondered if anyone can asnwer some of my questions!
    I have had a prolapsed disc for 8 months now and im still in agony! I had an MRI 2 months ago which confirmed it was a prolapsed disc but I got told it was not severe enough to be considered for surgery. I got told it could take up to 18 months to recover from this but it could also be 'one of those things' that never quite rights itself! Great, thanks for that! lol
    I have been off work all of this time and am showing no signs of returning anytime soon. I can't sit for long at all and have to lie on my stomach of over something to get a little relief. I currently take gabapentin, amitriptyline, paracetemol/codeine, diclofenac and oramorph for pain relief- well I guess it takes the edge off.
    What I wanna know is how long these things normally last? Will I get full recovery and have no problems in the future? Will I manage my job- desk job 9-5 once its healed?
    I also am not getting paid now- SSP only lasts 28 weeks and I am not egible for 'employment and support benefit! Joke considering I have worked for 15 years and have never been off sick before! Someone advised me to claim for disability? Does anyone know anything about this?
    My husband and I also want to try for another baby but with the medication and my back problems have put it on hold (

    Sorry for all the questions and hope someone can help!

    Thanks guys! xx
  2. Kay Kay

    Kay Kay Member

    Mar 5, 2010
    I cant believe you are in so much pain and they arent doing anything! Disgraceful! How much more severe do they want it to be??
    Was it your consultant that told you that? I would be looking for another one,

    My scan showed 2 bulges, i pushed very hard including going private to see consultant and then private appt for surgeon who got me an emergency op on nhs, good job, as during the op they found that the nerve had attached itself to the disc (since the mri scan) and if it had been left too long they wouldnt have been able to seperate them properly leaving me a life of pain and bad leg.
    I am only 1 week post surgery but doing really well, hopefully will continue to make a good recovery and leg pain all gone.

    You cannot live like that and i dont believe its "one of those things"
    I was told they normally fix themselves within 3 months if they are going to. My doctor told me to try and carry on working as normal and my surgeon went mad and told me the doctor should have said complete bed rest and i probably wouldnt have needed surgery. The more you do the more the nerve gets irritated.
    You really need to push for some them to do something, its not acceptable to live in so much pain when there is an option of an op!

    Thoughts are with you, xx
  3. Kandi Kaine

    Kandi Kaine New Member

    Jul 29, 2010
    A lot of people come here with similar stories. And a common theme seems to be that they appreciate the advice of various practitioners; but then when it comes to treatment always go back to the same system that has failed them so far.

    It might get better on its own - most things do providing the cause of the problem is not ongoing. It sounds as if that side of things is being left to chance. Many of us here expect to do better than that: most are interested in sorting out the various 'obstacles to recovery', and that is what we look for as ways to help.

    You'll find surprising lack of concern about cause and context from many an NHS doctor, I'm afraid, the 'specialist' mentality is to be concerned with their own exact area of interest and avoid any engagement with the context of the problem. Many seem to be far too easily satisfied by the diagnosis, but that should be only the start of the investigation, not the end.

    So I'm sure many here would say the same thing: our success rate with such cases is less than 100%: but it is definitely a lot higher for people who actually come for consultation! In other words, to get really meaningful advice you need to see somebody in person!

    So if you want a solution you may have to do what many others are not prepared to - go outside of the system that is letting you down. If you are prepared to find another way, then what matters most is not the type of therapy you go for, but the qualities of the individual practitioner.

    Perhaps the stumbling block is knowing how to choose a therapist? In that case, start by asking friends, family and colleagues who they have been to for this and that. You may be very surprised how much resource there is in your local community. Once you have a recommendation, phone that practitioner and discuss the problem with them, to get a sense of how they will go about considering it, start a rapport early on.

    And I know money is tight, but quite likely the right input will sort this for less than a repair to a leaking roof or a broken car, and we would all understand the need to pay for those things. And as you have found out, there is nothing more costly than being sick. In any case, start the process of asking around and take it from there.

    Good luck
  4. xgeczujoiueihoeqb

    xgeczujoiueihoeqb New Member

    Jan 31, 2011
    United States
    Usually, not so severe protrusions are not treated with surgery (traditional surgery a.k.a. gold standard) because its too invasive considering small protrusion.

    However, with minimally invasive procedures good result can be achieved with minimal damage. For contained herniations (protrusions) very good solution could be laser decompression. Worldwide success with good indication is around 90%.

    I don't say you are a candidate for this method, or any other, I just tell you one possibility.

  5. qixqezzk

    qixqezzk New Member

    Jan 25, 2011
    Hi pink princess, im sorry to hear your bad luck...Dont give in, go back to your dr, consultant and you make them listen...this treatmeant is not good enough....
    I too have a prolapsed disc and am waiting to see the surgeon after months of waiting and moaning...8months like you. please dont give up, read all the great posts on here and keep fighting to live a normal life again.
  6. anoinkinthedark

    anoinkinthedark New Member

    Oct 26, 2010
    Hi everyone, glad I found this forum as it is good to know that they're are people who understand what you are going through. I have been off work for four months now as I was in too much pain to continue, I deliver water bottles for coolers, and for a month before I was signed off the pain in my lower back and left leg was excruciating.

    I am a bit more fortunate than some people here as I have a good GP who specialised in Orthapaedics before general practice, but whilst my GP has been very understanding that doesn't speed up the process.

    To date I have had seven weeks of Physio, including traction which eased the pain for about an hour afterwards, but it would return, and initially I found that I could relieve the leg pain by walking for a bit. The worst part for me was lack of sleep, I was like a zombie.

    Due to my lack of progress my physio referred me for an MRI scan which I had in early December. My worry is that since that scan my symptoms have worsened considerably and the most I can walk is about 100 yards before the pain in my left leg becomes too intense.

    I have an appointment with the consultant tomorrow and am hoping there will be some way forward as I feel as though I am getting 'cabin fever' with not being able to get out and about. I have gone from doing a physically demanding job to barely being able to move.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow, and good luck to everybody else. Its very re-assuring to read these posts and know that there are other people who know that when you say you suffer with Sciatica and lower back pain it can be extremely debilitating.
  7. Xtreme Poetess

    Xtreme Poetess Member

    Oct 24, 2009
    In june this year I had lower back pain and sciatica.My Gp refered me to the local triage team to be asessed and was told i would be referred to a consultant to have injections and have Physiotherapy and accupunture. I was classed as non urgent and a 10 weeks waiting list. My symptoms got worst so i decided to go private ,i saw the consultant with in a week and he got me an NHS mri scan in three weeks .It took him five weeks to get back to me with the results and i saw him on 1st November .He said my l4/l5 disc had prolaspsed and i needed an operation before christmas .I rang the hospital to get the day i would be going in and was told he wanted another mri because of the 5 week gap from the last one .I went on Christmas eve for my 2nd mri in more pain than ever .Saw the consultant 21st jan my disc has prolasped more on the right and prolasped on the left aswell ,I have sciatica down both legs now .He is concerned i will get Cauda equina syndrome so he is operating feb 14th .Went to Gp to get painkillers ,it was a different Gp than i usually see and he would not prescribe me anything and told be to take paracetamol !!! .I have worked althrought this and an deperate for a break and be free of pain!
  8. EvexUniguenig

    EvexUniguenig New Member

    Jan 31, 2011
    Thats not good from your GP Vicky. I've been off work for 4 months with prolapsed disc and sciatic pain in my left leg. I'm lucky because there are 4 doctors at my surgery one of whom specialised in orthapaedics before general practice so he diagnosed me accurately and early. If you have more than one doctor at your surgery ask for a second opinion and enquire if any of them specialise in back injuries. I was prescribed Co-codamol and Diclofenac which help a bit with the pain, but when its at its worst no medication helps and I find it only eases off by lying flat on my stomach on the floor for about an hour.

    I saw the specialist in Hospital on Monday and he showed me my MRI scan and told me the bottom 3 sets of discs in my back are in a 'pretty sorry state' to quote him, but the 2 nd bottom disc has burst. He was very good and went through everything with me and on his recommendation I have opted for surgery to clean out the disc but not remove it. When I asked him how quickly could I hope to recover he said 'that depends on how the surgery goes ( there are risks which he explained to me) and what type of person you are i.e. upbeat, glass half full etc. but as I do a job that involves heavy lifting he seemed to think 8-12 weeks from the date of the surgery is probable.

    Try and stay positive, but definitely go back to your surgery for another opinion and better pain relief medication.

    Good Luck

  9. xSoni

    xSoni Member

    Oct 29, 2009
    I have suffered for 10 years with prolapsed discs. Have had 3 ct scans physio and facet joint injections,nnothing seems to help. If anything pain getting worse. I am now being sent for more injections and another mri scan to see if they have been further damaged with a few to surgery. I am a bit frightened about this as ai have a husband and three but i suppose i couldnt get any worse have had about as much as i can take.
  10. achilles500

    achilles500 New Member

    Jul 22, 2011
    MRI is a right way to go. It will show structures like discs, nerves and facets much better than CT. Update us.
  11. vanpersie

    vanpersie Member

    Oct 2, 2009
    hi my name is Chris from birmingham

    at the beginning of august 2010 i went to work as normal got to my first job (I'm a cable tv installer) and i felt a sharp muscular type pain in my lower back, at the time i put it down to a pull or strain i carried out the rest of my day and by the end i was in agony but still thought id pulled a muscle got home had a very hot bath some painkillers and went off to bed and tried to rest up.

    the next morning i found i could'nt move without feeling in agony i could'nt dress myself puttin on socks was a no no could barely make it to the toilet whatever position i was in just didnt help, my wife was worried and took me too a&e they did tests of diffrent sorts and sent me packing with painkillers!

    a week later and a lot of time in bed i could finally move about, if what in some discomfort and not at all ease as time went on my back pain began to ease off and i could take less pain killers so i decided to have a nice walk up to my local shops ( about 5mins normal walking pace ) took me 20mins and i found on my way back i started to get a burning sensation in my right thigh pins and needles and muscle weakness leading to me limping back

    took myself to the doctors explained all and he referred me to a back pain clinic in a orthopeadic hospital lucky enough for me wasnt to far from my home

    first visit roughly 6 weeks later i see a doctor at the back pain clinic again explained all as my symptoms hadnt improved he suggested physio and gabapentin after leaving upbeat i thought i may get better but after a few days on gabapentin i started to get severe migraines....... so back to the doctors who took me off them and said to me to stick to the normal painkillers so i did

    after about 6 weeks of physio i still hadnt improved my physiotherapist sent me to a pain specialist who spent 10mins with me and said he would refer me to the first doctor that i saw at the back pain clinic and said i needed an MRI.
    so saw the same doctor and he said he would book me in for a MRI and in the mean time i should try a epidural in which most cases would help with the pains in my leg which at this point im noticing the pains and pins and needles are also in my right foot my hip and sometimes i found tingling sensation in my testicles also i couldnt lie down in bed without having to shift positions nor sit and had trouble driving aswell as walking

    anyway epidural came to nothing seemed a complete waste of time it was more pain for a couple of days,middle of november i had my MRI scan and awaiting an appointment of which i received for the first week of dec 10

    when arriving at my appointment in dec i was begging that i had answers to my problems, anyhoo seeing the doctor he asked if the epidural worked i of course replied no told him more about my symptoms and reminded him i had an MRI scan so he looked on his computer and straight away he could see my problem, i had a prolapsed disc he said that it would need operating on and that he would send a letter to a surgeon ( my scan pic is my profile pic if u wanna look).

    today after 7 weeks after seeing my back pain doctor i have received my appointment to see a surgeon to my dissmay i have to wait 4months just to see him in a outpatient clinic, im gutted and now worried that i may not seem as a urgent case therefore it may come too it they he may not operate

    this whole thing has turned my family and my life totally upside down, i cant work i have 2 young children who i cant play football with or any sporty activities and my condition sometimes stops me doing things like going the cinema with my wife as i cant sit for hrs watching a film as i will be in agony, we lie in bed together watching tv and my back and right leg goes totally numb and therefore painful and i see no end in sight again

    to top it off my sick pay runs out and im not sure of any financial help but it has helped to read on this forum that i am not alone and unfortunately there are others in the same if not worse situation than me.

    please post with any thoughts or ideas i would be glad to hear from you guys
  12. Bad Decision Bob

    Bad Decision Bob New Member

    Nov 20, 2010
    I too was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc last year and was unable to work for six months. I had physio which made my condition worse, sessions with a chiropractor and eventually saw a neurosurgeon who advised that the disc may need to be removed. A friend of a friend recommended the Alexander Technique and I attended the first session with low expectations but as I continued attending a lesson a week, I found the condition improving. I attended around 7 lessons and could see a noticeable improvement. It is a very simple technique but very effective as it allows your body to try to heal itself. I know it may not work for everyone but for me it is the only thing that has worked and whilst I was off work scouring the internet each day for cures, I vowed that if I found anything that helped or if I ever came out the other side of what was a horrible experience, I would post it on this site to give others some hope. I am now back at work full time and can do most of the things I did previously. I am still a bit nervous of exercise but do lots of walking and will gradually start to do more as time goes on.
  13. M.P. Hall

    M.P. Hall New Member

    Dec 7, 2010
    hi guys, in response to your post novacaine, i think you should get on to the doctors and keep pushing for the surgery, i too have gone through the problems you are going through and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel even if it does seem a distant one. i have had three discectomys now, which is where they shave the prolapse, but it still keeps happening. i havent worked foe 16 months now due to the fact of these ops and the pain, and the lack of any movement and, well the list goes on. i am now awaiting another appointment with my consultant( who is 2 hours away) and life is hard. there are ups and downs but my family and girlfriend are very supportive. just hold on in there and keep strong. As for the financial support, try your local job center and enquire about ESA. employment suppport allowance, its not much but your personal circumstances are a bit different to mine so you might be entitled to more, but it all helps. Good luck with everything and keep us posted. Good luck fella.
  14. anthony f

    anthony f Member

    Nov 5, 2009
    hi to every one.
    just want to say to every one on here I feel your pain.
    ive been diagnosed with a prolapsed l4 l5 disc and have been living in agony for the last 6 months. just had my mri scan back and have been put on a waiting list for nerve block injections. ive been told this can take up to 12 weeks and with only a 63% chace of sucess.
    By reading other peoples experiances I can see this is gonna be one long long ride.
    I just want to bring up a subject that I dont think has been mentioned on here, it quite simple which im sure most of you will have issues.
    How are you coping how are you managing to live.
    Im a self employed electrician, im currently recieving employment capacity benifits totals to £65 a week. lucky for me I have no kids but I do have a girlfriend with a morgage to pay. my benifits dont even pay half the morgage.
    So the question I put to you boys and girls is...... are you getting the help you need to live a simple life! are there any other benifits out there that we are entitled to.
    if so please share with the group.
    much appriciated.
  15. Joni ?s Chachi

    Joni ?s Chachi New Member

    Oct 6, 2010
    I had these injections and they did nothing for me...in fact i felt the problem got worse....within a month i was being operated on...just a had a discectomy ta L5/S1. Had it 7 days ago today and just taking things very easy at home. Surgeon gave me a medical cert for 6 weeks to review and see if i can go back to work. Luckily luckily, I get full sick pay. Having said that it is day 7 and i am getting board...Dunno what i am going to do...
  16. Tuksooleniosa

    Tuksooleniosa Member

    Jan 15, 2011
    Hi and thanks for your reply this is my update so far!!

    its fri the 3rd of june and 3 days ago i had my op (mico discetomy) after pushing my doctor for weeks i got a earlier appointment at another hospital all be it far away from where i live.............. my previous appointment was booked for the 17th june just to see the surgeon!!!! but now i have seen one and had the op!! so 3 days i can feel the differnce all ready obviously my back is in alot of pain i can barely walk or turn over in bed etc but lets face it i was used to this feeling lol but great thing is no leg pain i am keeping optamistic im hoping that the back pain willl eventually wear off and i can return to virtually normal life the surgeon said that the bulge had managed to attach itself to my nerve ( quite shocking ) and more shocking they would have left that till god knows when!!! as for financial update well i went to a jobcentre plus place and no luck but this week i have managed to get housing and council tax benefit not a lot but something so as it stands things are coming on (fingers crossed)
  17. caulleybreerB

    caulleybreerB New Member

    Jan 23, 2011
    Hi Pinkprincess,

    this sounds very similar to my situation!

    My MRI showed 2 bulging discs but not enough to cause nerve pain even though when I am in seated position, I am having constant sharp nerve pains all down my left leg. I have now been off work 5 months from my desk job.

    I was wondering does anyone know If the NHS do seated MRI scans? I do not believe the laying down MRI showed up the true extent of my problems as when lying I do not have much pain. However I cannot stay seated for longer than about 30 minutes without starting to be in real pain with the shooting pains and stiffness.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

  18. lost_in_WI_wilderness

    lost_in_WI_wilderness New Member

    Nov 16, 2010
    Hi Mikey, Thats a pain!

    As far as I know the NHS don't.When I went to see mr Knight he arranged for me to have special xrays, called 'weight bearing'. They took one seated, one bending forward and one backwards and one standing straight. He said it helped to see how the rest of the back was working and if any problems with the facets etc.

    There is a place in London that does seated or standing mri's but it is a low resolution machine of only 1 Tesla, usually for a good image of the nerves and discs you need at least 1.5 Tesla and the mri scanner Mr Knight sent me to was 3.0 Tesla.

    Do your research, and good luck
  19. Sergychorerlochutt

    Sergychorerlochutt New Member

    Feb 1, 2011
  20. airforcewife64

    airforcewife64 Member

    Oct 5, 2009

    unfortunately I cannot afford that and the person who caused the accident will not pay for it. I am having accupuncture at the physio now which isn't helping so it looks like they are going to give me an injection. Really dont know what to do about work though.

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