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Nini At Blue Sky

Discussion in 'Edmonton Massage Review' started by Qster, Sep 6, 2018.

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  1. Qster

    Qster Active Member

    Aug 14, 2015
    Fantastic lady, it has been a few weeks since Q decided that it is time to explore and see the world a little more. Since then, dropped by Blue Sky (I don't think I will shorten its name to its initial as I have a lot of respect for this spa).

    The spa is located on a second floor end unit in a southside industrial office building, huge parking lot, huge wide streets, loads and loads of parking. The spa itself is sparse, a simple front counter where you check in, a basic bathroom, NO SHOWER, 3 basic office converted into massage rooms. It was a cold day and the room was cold, not the most pleasant temperature for me; that was my one complaint for the visit.

    Nini is older, >40, may be as high as 50, I am really bad with age guessing. Petite and muscular, dressed in tight athletic wears, a very powerful masseuse, I like her, I like her a lot. Despite her small frame, she exerted more power onto my muscle than most ladies twice her size. Her massage is different than most as she spent a lot of time walking on my back, she even walked on my neck and lower calves which for me is unusual, most "walkers" only focus on the core. She found every muscle I had between my neck and my ankle, if only she spent a few minutes on my head, then the massage is complete. Regardless of how she did it, I left sore (in a good way) and relaxed; yes I will return.

    For me, the massage was mostly undraped, she removed the towel herself. It was also strictly legit, I didn't ask, she didn't offer. She was quite chatty that day and I did find out a little about her likes and dislikes. Based on my little chat with her, I will not be asking for more at any time in the future, I like her massage just the way she does it.

    A second complaint, same complaint I have with almost ALL asian places, the phone rings, the conversation continues through the wall, the periodic departures from the room to answer the door... way too many distractions for me to truly relax. I just wish that she would leave the phone and door answering to others when she is doing a massage.

    After frequenting certain other spas and ladies in town, it is truly great to branch out and meet a fantastic masseuse. I thought about adding this to the existing Blue Sky thread but decided that this lady deserves her own thread. Also because I think this forum needs more new threads about new subjects at this time.

    MASSAGE.MAESTRO Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2016
    Didn't think she looked close to 50. But...she is the only one who does back walking...and she is chatty; even with the broken English.

    It seems most on here have trouble with ages....myself included. Lol!!:oops::oops:

    Excellent review Qster: very detailed.
  3. TBone

    TBone Active Member

    Nov 28, 2014
    Great review Qster, I'm glad you liked her, she is also one of my regulars when I need a good deep massage.

    Yes, most guys really underestimate on age. Asian women generally age very gracefully though :D
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  4. Qster

    Qster Active Member

    Aug 14, 2015
    I received a PM stating that Nini is in her 30s... I am in so much trouble overestimating her age by 2 decades... "your honour, it was dark in the room, I was face down most of the time" Oh crap, I am in so much doodoo, lol.
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