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mumbai's latest sex places

Discussion in 'India Massage Reviews' started by Blue Turtle, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. Blue Turtle

    Blue Turtle Member

    Oct 6, 2009
    no its good.
    for 550/- you got girl with 6/10 looks,attitude 8/10,service 10/10 what more can we ask for.
    great going buddy
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  2. joy_gone_wild

    joy_gone_wild Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    hey buddy isnt this sheesh mahal in khar cloth market?.its white building with cloths shop on ground floor?.this building only has one floor
  3. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member

    Sep 21, 2009
    when something is already there on teh board...
    kya doosre log ko mpnet ne naukri di hai kya ?? apna time nikaalke sabko directions dete rahi ?
    u want u search.. nahi mile to fir maango.. im sure someone will help then...
    doosron ne theka nahi leke rakha hai..
    this is basic etiquette followed on most boards on the internet.. not just mongering boards.

    yeh msg to dekho.. ek toh chori upar se seena jori
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  4. tophdguy

    tophdguy Member

    Mar 5, 2010
    hello guys,

    just see the pics of mails i have attached....hope u find out liar urself.....:mad:
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  5. Mr. Duffles

    Mr. Duffles Member

    Sep 20, 2009
    if any body want to join the hunting program please PM me.
  6. Just Call Me G

    Just Call Me G Member

    Feb 1, 2010
    Hi Chikkoo,

    no special taste, dark or bright whatever; should just be not too old or too fat. I do not have a local Reviewiend, so what to do???
  7. Anarchist

    Anarchist Member

    Oct 28, 2009
    cansomebody tell some place in malad...wanna try out this weekend...
  8. Miss B XOXO

    Miss B XOXO Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    you have probably found something none of us seniors ever could....800 per pop sex in the suburbs
  9. Absent

    Absent Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    yap been there, but you gotta keep ur eyes open for such types...mostly te get you girls Reviewom kamatipura or such places...i was Reviewiendly with the gals and their keeper and got to know this Reviewom them...try your luck:)
  10. Pompal 09.

    Pompal 09. Active Member

    Feb 9, 2011
    lol bhai .. as long as ull had fun.. which it sure seems like ull did !! :D
    i woulda been too tired to come anyways.. i got up only at 7 pm on sunday.. saturday was another night that lasted till 11 am this time .. and this time i got a girl to take back with me .. i was supposed to leave sunday mpternoon but since got up late.. sunday night ws another party .. and then left monday mpternoon :D
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  11. Jonn Musacha

    Jonn Musacha Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    I remember very well when you just joined this forum, you created a big stir here by arguing and fighting with others. The moderator deleted some of your post count when you reached 50...coz of your bloody spam fest. And how can we forget about your fake pics. haha !!

    What moist shit are you spouting here eh?? Many seniors know you??....i cant see anyone vouching for you.
    Maybe chennaiwala missed your spam fest here and your fake pics. JSF and Mum80 should remember very well.

    I aint interested in arguing with you and taking this further....but aleast dont act like you are some great poster and a senior here. I myself have never claimed myself to be a senior or whatever here.

    And nobody is stopping your johnny or tommy or whatever the feck Reviewom enjoying alrite !!

    What you can do is, post proper reviews and build your reputation here. Misleading people with fake created stuff wont go down well with people here.

    This is my last post regarding this.
    End of !!
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  12. Im a mexican muslim

    Im a mexican muslim Member

    Oct 2, 2009
    place is open..charges 3k to 3.5 k/pop
  13. Pompal 09.

    Pompal 09. Active Member

    Feb 9, 2011
    place near bandra church.its 10 min far away Reviewom alco market on the same road as alko market... opp newly open godraje store..the place is redevelope so no rooms their can take out ...
    this is the Reviewist time i had been to the place and had good exprience.. girls speak english and look highfi escote type,, GFE type in simple words they were 2 hot stunners i saw. i would rate them 10/10. wanted to spend 5000 rs for 4 hr + hotel extra.. but i was not carring them so bargain hard & left to usual seesh mahal..anyways
    my Q is ---dose anyone about this place? what r the rates their ? & any information like service,,,or anything imp will apriciate

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  14. Valerie Black.

    Valerie Black. Member

    Oct 28, 2009
    Abey khacchar ki aulad... Angrezi daal apni main ....
    Mooh band karke baith samjha ..
    Mujhe tujhse kuch seekhna nahi hai ...

    The precise reason for you not quoting me is you cant take it head on.
    You are a coward
  15. Pompal 09.

    Pompal 09. Active Member

    Feb 9, 2011
    Way overpriced unless the chicks are Reviewom the c*lle*e itself. :p
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  16. Graigorax

    Graigorax Banned

    Mar 30, 2010
    Hello Mate,

    First post your Review and then ask for contact.

    Anyway PM me will forward the number of DK.
    Happy mongering.

    Best regards,
  17. sanju

    sanju Member

    Nov 16, 2009
    the only temptation too difficult to be resisted is 20 yr old chinki pussy ..

    a trick .. seriously ??? lol then ur name should have been rajtrick... hahahaha

    people growing here ? own it all ? tu kya bol raha hai bhai ... this is a public forum... we come here.. discuss stuff.. sometimes make a few jokes.. its a self policing forum..
    and btw atleast please post those links correctly .. i was quite curious about my " wrong mentality of hating others for what they have " lol..

    and also whats this bullshit about win like a man loose like a man.. what are we winning or losing.. what is the prize ???? or are u high ?
  18. Pompal 09.

    Pompal 09. Active Member

    Feb 9, 2011
    share contacts with me also
  19. "Princess"

    "Princess" Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    Hi again...
    Once again, The Great Karan78 took the initiative and called us Navi Mumbaikars (myself and Hungry Devil) to Western Mumbai on Sunday. Met
    Karan at Andheri and soon joined by wonderful bro Rocky. It was nice to find Karan has already arranged for a place and babes (I heard Karan talking to Charlie and instructing him to arrange for different types-One Girl types, One good looking aunty types.......It was like pre-ordering lunch at a Restaurant-something good in Mughlai..Something nice in Chinese....)
    Anyways, we moved towards that place and on the way joined by very cool Raw Deal. *Five of us went to a Flat in further western part. Met the Charlie, who, mpter small intro,ordered some drinks Reviewom a nearbyshop. While waiting for the bottle, he informed us that babes are already sitting in one of the bedrooms. All five stood up and wentinside to have a glance. Saw two smiling girls. One was pretty and young, another was slightly mature but with broader smile. Mine and Hungry Devil’s eyes met, mischievious smiles exchanged (mpter spending around 8 evenings together in last 30 days, now we very well know each other’s likings) . mpter having two rounds of Drinks, karan ordered-“Lets Start”and almost pushed me and Hungry Devil inside. I selected the one with very broad smile and little broad waist and Hungry took the young chick with no waist. We went to two separate bedrooms.
    Inside story----
    It was nice to see the smile intact, I was smoking and searching for an ash tray, Girl stood, went outside and got one with smile. I offered her ciggy, which she refused. *mpter some chitchat, game started. She offered almost everything on the menu, BBJ, FK (not exactly DFK), Teabagging, bit of rimming, body licking, On the Top, Cowgirl, Doggy...No Anal. mpter session and back in clothes, she said’ give me a cigarette now because I enjoy it only mpter a good session”.
    I came out in about 40-45 mins, Hungry Devil was still inside. Three fellas asked for review and ratings, which I shared and now sharing with all (verbatim)-

    Boobs-6/10 small, tight, decent nipples
    Body-6/10 Short, little tummy, good butts but some stretch marks.
    Pussy-8/10 clean & tight
    Service-9/10 very cooperative
    Damage-3K (including place)-VFM
    WIR-Ummm......I need variety.

    It was fun to see charlie’s face when I was stating my ratings.

    Meanwhile Hungry Devil was also back and broad smile on his face was enough to describe his experience. Karan was contemplating and he declared-“I am going with Amit’s babe.” He also had a nice session.
    Rocky and Raw Deal remained pious.

    mpter spending almost 2.5 hrs, drinking and Fu..ing, we left that place by around 6.30 PM. mpter spending 20 mins eating wada paos and discussing where to go next... One of their Reviewiends called up Reviewom a Dance bar in Dahisar and it made our choice easy. *Here goes the Pandavs..... to Da...sar........

    We met the Reviewiend outside Sang,,t bar , went inside and found a decent location to sit. There were about 20 girls in the range of 6-9/10. One good looking fair chick caught my attention (of others too, I am sure). Reviewiend instructed me that not in any case pay more than 2K/ST here since average rate is 1.5K/ST. Somehow I called that girl and able to talka bit amidst loud music, She knew we all have been showing interest in her hence demanded 3 K, Reviewiend again suggested ‘No Way’ and I let her go. Rocky had some other idea. He used ‘pegion’ waiter and paper napkin to exchange numbers with her. *Anyways, in order to explore more we went to Nig....c.ty and found it overcrowded with no place to sit and came out. Rocky was bit disappointed because one of his muses, was not there at that point of time (Otherwise we would have spent time, standing at the bar..) We walked to another close by bar R.d Ho..Se. mpter some trouble, got good place to sit. There were 20-25 babes around and were in the range of 5-8/10. Some nice looking chicks in miniskirts were sitting/standing at the seforum.xxxe as so called singers. Suddenly Hungry devil felt the urge to take a young pretty babe with small waist and went ahead. I was joking with Rockey that I had a small boobed girl in the evening and now I want to complete the buffet with some Big Boobed babe and he immediately asked me to turn back, while turning, I felt big boobs touching my ears. I looked up and found an OK looking buxom babe in Reviewont in a short dress and with tattoo on breast. With encouragement Reviewom Karan and Rocky, I
    took her upstairs.
    Inside Story-
    Girl’s name is (as told) Natasha. Inside, I found her lying on bed, spreading her legs and showing Thunder thighs and black panty in-between. Rest was as it happens most of the time.
    Boobs-9/10 (Big,firm)
    Body-6/10 , Some tummy, marks and sorta unhygienic.
    Service & Attitude-7/10 (No BJ,No Kiss, *Open for all positions though)
    Damage-2000+600 room+condy+500 Bar charges.
    Hungry Devil was already back and was disappointed with ‘Starfish’ Experience.

    Anyway, when we left this bar at around 9.30 PM, Rocky received two calls-One Reviewom his ‘one of the Muses’ Reviewom Nig..c.ty and another Reviewom the Chick with whome he exchanged numbers at San..eet bar. (Being Young and handsome has its own advaneforum.xxxe...I can not think of any disadvaneforum.xxxe though...). He compromised his endeavours with Muse because he was with us. However the new chick revealed a new place in Me..a Road, where all ‘ Reviewee’ bar girls are now going mpter 9.30PM (bar closing time) and invited him there. We all eforum.xxxged along. This place is newly opened (2-3 days back), bit shabby, lodging on first two floors and so called Disc on third floor. mpter paying 500Rs each cover charge, we went inside. Place had 15-20 girls and most of them were Reviewom the bars where we had seen them earlier though now in Jeans & T-shirts rather than in Saree. We had some beer and had some sort of Dinner to utilise cover. Karan met one of his acquantees who owns some bars and Parlours in vicinity and later owner of this Disc came to Greet Karan and promised that Karan and his Reviewiends will be getting special treatment.n Rocky had some chat with the Chick..and we left the place by around 11.45-12.00.
    In my opinion, this place, if continue without LE trouble, will be Voodoo of western suburbs.
    Hungry Devil and yours truly took ricks and left for Navi Mumbai. On the way, we both discussed that it was a humbling experience. Karan, Rocky, Raw Deal had invited us, took great care and gone all the way so that we both Visitors had fun.

    Thanks Bhai log.....See you soon, hopefully in NM this time...
  20. Teh

    Teh Member

    Aug 22, 2009
    Not exactly a brand new place, but havent seen it discussed here and couldnt find a more suitable thread. Also the Review is more than a month old, was travelling too much to be able to write.

    So here it goes -
    Called up a pimp whos number was shared by a Reviewiend. He showed a few girls that I did not like. I asked for hi-fi but he had hit his rather low ceiling. I monger so that I can do a variety of nice girls. My self HJ has been honed to perfection over decades of practice and I prefer that over sad girls.

    Not wanting to let go of me he said that I would have to go to [email protected] Hotel in Andheri near Airport for better girls. He got into my car and we drove off towards [email protected] Parked the car and then we walked to what looked like a set of closed shutters with no life inside or around them. Although the neighbourhood was busy, this spot has a somewhat desolate look. Like the LE still doesnt know about them and they really want to keep it that way. He knocked on one of the shutters and gave his reference. A 2inch window opened in the shutter to check us out. We could hear keys turning in some medieval sounding locks, followed by more sounds of metal latches. A door opened within the shutter and I could see a dark room that looked like an old store and a half dressed unshaven guy. My pimp said that he wont go in and I should be able to find better stuff here. For an instant I wasnt sure whether I was walking in to fuck or to get fucked. But my loyalty to the number one and two rules of mongering held sway - lund always rules and lund likes to explore.

    On the inside I was taken Reviewom that rundown store to a nice, well lit hair saloon like room and Reviewom there to another room with a sofa. The place was well done with split AC and bright paints. One thing is that this place has a lot of large mirrors. The way its designed is that you should not notice the place at all Reviewom the outside. Just inside you would think that its some old store, one room further in and it looks like a newly constructed barber's shop. One more step in and it is a whorehouse - I was in the right place!

    So I was on the sofa and was asked if I wanted water etc. Asked for water and was served. Was shown girls in pairs with the pimp telling me the girl's names. First two rounds were average and I told him to graduate to the top lineups fast or i would have to get going. The quality improved gradually and I liked a girl called Kavita - 7.5/10, slim, punjabi girl with full lips. I like DFK and have a soft corner for full lips. Asked the pimp about her service, willingness for BJ etc. and he said that it should be good. The whole ambience of the place seemed nice and the pimp, helpers and the girls were quite polite, so I thought I will go for two shots instead of my standard one.

    The pimp quoted 10K and I started to walk out and told him to open the shutters - hoping that they would open on my call. We finally settled for 4K for one unhurried shot, all inclusive.

    The room was also quite decent with an attached bathroom. The girl was eager to please and relaxed. 100 bucks to the condi boy was not included who had ambitions of getting 200 and wouldnt settle for 50.

    Nice, extended foreplay. BJ was average, apparently my dick was too wide for her mouth so she couldn’t keep the teeth away. The anomaly being her mouth, not my dick. I had offered to wash johnny just before BJ and she was very appreciative of my offer and how it was so gentlemanly. She found johnny clean and proceeded to scrap it with her teeth anyways. The DFKs were not deep at all so I offered 500 bucks as tip specifically for this mpter which they became less shallow.

    What I really liked was that she didnt push me to go for the final act. Only when I was ready and enthu about it did we go for it.

    Post act she took close to a complete bath and left mpter a cuddle and - this is important - without collecting the 500 tip offered. Total time in room – 45 minutes.
    Overall Rating:
    Girl - 7.5/10
    Service - 7.5/10. Full lips were hiding a mouth that wasnt deep or wide enough, otherwise it could have been a 9/10
    Damage - 4.1K
    Place - 8/10. Nice, clean place - I am using the word nice too many times - polite, relaxed people. While walking out of the room saw a few hotties walking around - more on that in later Reviews. The timings are 3pm to 6am.
    WIR - have been there thrice; different girls

    Since the place has a secretive outlook can only share details with people who are trusted, senior mongers - senior not in post count but contribution. The modus operandi is that you call him and give my reference and then he will open the shutter. Better if you also call him before you start for the place. The house pimp was very clear that he would not entertain people without proper references - sir aise waison ko aane nahin dete… hamaara kaanch ka ghar hai, koee pathar maarega to toot jayega…

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