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Mumbai - Bandra, Santacruz, Khar. (And other western suburbs)

Discussion in 'India Massage Reviews' started by XrossXection, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. Arath

    Arath Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2017
    It's easy to guess I think.
    Spa name is starting with S.
    Check synonyms/other English word for "Heaven".
    Check JustDial or Google with the complete name and you can narrow it down with this area, street name.
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  2. dude_innn

    dude_innn Active Member

    Nov 2, 2016
    If you find spa in kalina with extra. Pls let me know too

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  3. Spa_Monger

    Spa_Monger Member

    Apr 22, 2017
    FR#7 - the spa scouting continued

    Note: this FR is for a visit that was 2-3 weeks ago.

    So after exploring V spa, thought of trying another spa in the same vicinity which is unexplored on this forum.

    This spa is not on NB. I found it via Google and JD. So went one weekend after fixing appointment. They have both Thai and NE. I had earlier asked for Thai but when the receptionist asked whether I want Thai specifically, I made a U turn and said anyone is fine!

    The spa has a monsoon offer of buy 1 get 1 therapy.. so I was happy to get to try 2 therapist at the cost of one. Imagine my disappointment then when the receptionist told me that both the therapies need to be taken on the same day! I argued that this was not mentioned while I fixed the appointment. But she stuck to her version. In the end, she told me I can have 1 therapy for double the time. So I said fine.

    The receptionist called out one NE girl.. good looking.. who then took me to the room. Now comes the best part. This spa is on the premium side with separate rooms having wooden doors with lock and enclosed bath and toilet! Almost like a 3 star hotel room! I was very happy with the ambiance and room space.

    Changed to dispo and waited for the girl. The same girl came moments later and started the massage.

    The massage began on a very low note with the girl doing nothing more than rubbing oil on legs and not putting much effort to actually massage. The only good thing was the warm oil which felt like it was really some aromatic oil and not the baby oil used by many cheap spas.

    There wasn't much in terms of hint of extras too. She was avoiding getting too close to the central region! I was getting frustrated that one NE is giving such an average massage! But I kept quiet and waited for the ordeal to get over.

    Thankfully, the massage quality improved slowly.. and she gave a good enough face and head massage. There was some hint as well.. the usual fingernail massage to tickle your body was there. But she didn't ask and nor did I!

    So afterwards, took shower in the big bath, pissed in the toilet and left, not before telling the receptionist that it was a good experience!

    Spa name: R*b**n Spa (synonym in English for reincarnation)

    Location: Salt water west. Near the famous UT spa

    Cost: 3450 for 90 min Aroma. (The usual cost is 3450 for 45 min! More expensive than country spa!)
    Therapist: 7/10
    WIR: I believe there are extras available here.. maybe a more experienced monger than me can get it in first visit. But with the room structure and everything, it promises to be a good experience. Very expensive though, so only for special occasions!

    Happy and safe spa mongering!

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  4. Arath

    Arath Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2017
    Nice FR Bro,

    Is it the same place discussed in the PM a while back ?? The one you were thinking to visit it once ??
    I like that you're exploring places unknown to this forum.
    Looks like this place is a big hit on the pocket but worth visiting it once considering the ambience you have described.
  5. Spa_Monger

    Spa_Monger Member

    Apr 22, 2017
    Yes bro same place. Yes it is not pocket friendly at all! But you can extract something from it.. especially with the ambiance given!

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  6. rickybhal

    rickybhal New Member

    Jun 27, 2017
    Guys I'm planning to go to ut spa in linking road khar any help pls
  7. Aryan18

    Aryan18 Member

    Jul 26, 2017
    FR on Jyoti 6716

    Had been in touch with her over Whatsapp for the last few days... She sent a few promising pics... Fell for it.. So fixed an appointment...

    When I met her I was highly let down... Her face was nowhere near the pics... But her figure was petite and her long hair made me continue... She is 20 years old..

    We reached this place in Gorai after much ado... Auto then ferry and auto again... Finally signed into the room.. And started the deed..

    We first had a shower together with lots of kissing and fondling... Then we came to the bed and did it in every position possible... She was very cooperative and eager to please... She does not do BJ... But makes up for it with other stuff... Her pussy was clean shaven and I had a nice DATY... Her figure looks like hour glass in doggy style... I came 5 times in 2 hrs... Total utilisation of the condom packet that I carried....

    Made the arduous journey back and bid goodbye...

    Looks 4/10
    Body 7/10
    Boobs 4/10
    Pussy 8/10
    Services 8/10
    Overall 6/10

    Damages - 3k for 2 hrs + 500 for place + 500 for the travel etc..

    WIR- I don't think so... Would look for a prettier babe and definitely not going back to the place...
  8. arnav malhotra

    arnav malhotra Active Member

    Mar 22, 2016
    Hey i am having 50+ mumbai delhi and Lucknow independent indies contact and 2 non paid contact of Mumbai who wants to exchange can pm me

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  9. Funfun

    Funfun Member

    Jul 4, 2017
    hi shahiste where is the country spa in Bandra please share loacation at [email protected]
  10. Mr.Destiny

    Mr.Destiny New Member

    Aug 25, 2017
    Trying for a FS Spa in and around Malad. Will try I***ial or A**o*a Spa. Any luck for FS in these regions please share.

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  11. arnav malhotra

    arnav malhotra Active Member

    Mar 22, 2016
    This my list of all independent escort of Mumbai with there name and last 4 digit who want to exchange can personally message me

    Rima ******0056
    Shruti ******7170
    shamim ******0639
    Nisha ******1402
    Anu ******2183
    Garauv Shinde ******1323
    Roshni ******0170
    Dayana ******3440

    Nimmi ******4037
    priya ******5800
    Rani ******9307
    Jasmine ******9261
    Neha ******4712
    Priya ******3814
    Reetu ******6098
    Priti ******3001
    Sania ******9521
    Sheetal ******0202
    Karishma ******4937
    Jyoti ******5384
    Tanu ******9391
    Tanu ******1912
    Manisha ******6801
    Shweta ******9529
    Sunita ******9700
    Manisha ******0035
    Monica ******9224
    Preeti ******7239
    Neelam ******9686
    Jiya ******8200
    Kiran ******8568
    Zoya ******4726
    Madhuri ******8756
    Pihu ******2118
    Dipti ******1258
    Alisha ******8359
    Anita ******6686
    Anna ******0961
    Ashna ******0273
    Jharna ******1518
    Natasha ******2774
    Reshma ******4459
    Sania ******6143
    Tina ******3861
    Vishkha ******287
    Nisha ******6779
    Priti ******3001
    Anita ******5123
    Pooja Mitra ******2549
    Manisha ******0146
    Pooja ******5943
    Suvarna ******1460
    Shilpa ******7429
    Seema ******1105
    Heena ******7941
    Kashish ******3316
    Vaishali ******4044
    Nikki ******0729
    Payal ******0583
    Manisha ******8226
    Sonu ******7104
    Ishika ******1219
    Rajji ******5169
    Priyanka ******1738
    Anaya ******3785
    Janvi ******6062
    Riya ******8136
    Surekha ******4159
    Shilpa ******4214
    Lalitha ******7241
    Muskan ******4718
    Anita ******6086
    Dimple ******5297
    Akanksha ******6937
    Irene ******8748
    Neha ******9201
    Sania ******0952
    Ritu / Sonia ******3945
    Radhika ******1438
    Asha ******3053
    Anamika ******2364
    zoya ******3823
    Aakansha ******3497
    Alisha S ******9479
    Anita ******6683
    Sonal ******0225
    Sujata ******7027
    Sheeba ******7227
    Darshana ******5380
    Vinisha ******2879
    Sumati ******8001
    soniya ******6334
    Archana ******7191
    Priya ******9630
    Simran ******4312
    Supriya ******7052
    Aradhya Verma ******9005
    Sonya ******6453
    Sania ******6143
    Monika / Malini ******2382
    Natasha ******2774
    Paulomi ******7963
    Isha Sharma ******0023
    Maya ******3945
    Tanisha ******3943
    Anita ******6683
    Radhika ******1438
    Asha ******3053
    Anamika ******2364
    Trupti ******6664
    Sheetal Verma ******9667
    Mamta ******5348
    Vandana Reddy ******3425
    Rupa ******4451
    Soni ******2411
    Tanuja ******9118
    Diksha ******2382
    Madhuri ******7030
    Jayanti ******2082
    Kirti ******9955
    Aarti ******7914
    Deepti ******9606
    Ruby Sharma ******3542
    Rachana ******7581
    Sonia ******0981
    Sapna ******3077
    Anita ******8228
    Sheetal ******9316
    monika ******5771
    kajal ******7484
    Momo ******8200
    Uma ******6479
    Kavita ******5709
    Tina ******2260
    Roshni ******3394
    Jyoti ******7658
    Magret ******5005
    Jyoti ******7413
    Naina/Pooja ******0131
    Nisha ******9846
    Neina Patel ******6070
    Nisha ******6779
    Tanya ******4503
    Pallavi Patel ******7032
    Kajal ******3337
    kainaat ******8086
    Jasmine ******3412
    Shruti ******6157
    Dolly/Kalpana ******0169
    Monika ******9984
    shruti ******7170
    Nikita ******4003
    Irene ******8748
    Radhika ******2677
    Reshma ******8933
    Seema ******5238
    Nisha ******8119
    Pooja ******6251
    Seema ******6753
    Minal ******7360
    Deepa ******6876
    Sapna ******8845
    Shobha ******1492
    Bharti ******8872
    Deepa *******834
    Rosey ******0188
    Gauri ******9534
    Rekha ******9229
    Kajal ******9986
    Rimmi ******4896
    ujwala ******4610
    sonali ******1724
    Komal ******4470
    Alina ******7574
    Anisha ******7990
    urmila ******9643

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  12. sanju4366

    sanju4366 New Member

    May 8, 2017
    there are two s spa in bandra which one you are talking is it one in makhija chmb 1st floor
  13. spunk

    spunk New Member

    Aug 30, 2017
    arath how do i connect with u
    am new to this forum
  14. Arath

    Arath Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2017
    Via Personal Message / PM on Tapatalk or forum messaging.
  15. Fira

    Fira New Member

    Aug 4, 2017
    Can u please mail me the details of country spa in Bandra?

    Id [email protected] or PM me..

  16. Ashik

    Ashik New Member

    Mar 16, 2017
    Hi, I am a new seeker here, will be in Mumbai next week....kindly give me the numbers suggestive for freshers....pls give to antasho at yahoo dot com...thanks in advance.
  17. rickybhal

    rickybhal New Member

    Jun 27, 2017
    Hey guys
    I visited ut spa in bandra w sometime back got hj+tl without licking for 1500, kinda overpaid without much returns anyways looking for a nice package in bandra or near today with good returns my budget is 3k anyone who is willing to help pls pm me
  18. kktendulkar

    kktendulkar Member

    Jan 15, 2016
    Guys any good spa with service or indes in powai..pls assist..I am in powai today
  19. mumbaikar123

    mumbaikar123 Member

    Oct 25, 2017
    quite a list
  20. voodoo221185

    voodoo221185 Newbie

    Jul 30, 2014
    Hey can you share her contact

    [email protected]


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