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Feb 21, 2018 at 5:15 AM
May 14, 2013
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Feb 21, 2018 at 5:15 AM
    1. BigJB
      Hey Krayjee,
      Just wanna quickly say I appreciate all your posts here. I only just signed up but I've been browsing for a while and you're a huge help. Just wanted to ask if you've seen Nancy at Palace Spa (1315 Lawrence)? Curious if you've had experience with her as I've heard good things. Also wondering which spa/MP in that plaza is your favourite? Thanks for your time!
    2. rub me nicely
      rub me nicely
      Just wondering if Esther from E+M has her own spa and if you know where it is.

      Happy New Year!
    3. Lovederub
      Hey bro you are my hero and you doing an amazing job keep up the good work
      I have question for you do you think Ursus is now Mike TO ? If so that is quite disturbing just though I ask my master
    4. cptfalcon
      You said Cici(from Moonlight Spa, aka Maggie) works at a spa in etobicoke, is the spa called 'Yukimi Spa'?? There is a cici working there, was thinking of checking it out if its the same girl.
    5. Lovederub
      Hey bro KJ I almost went to Candy spa today with Crystal but work got in the way I really want to give a try where can I see her other than Candy spa ?
    6. eXcentric
      Day off today.. hopefully hitting a spa... know any good place with he and I want try something new other than E&M
    7. farmerstan
      Had a great time with Renee last night. Were you there making a delivery as I was leaving about 9:30? If so, I will think of you now as Watermelon Man!
    8. Pro Touch
      Pro Touch
      Hi, Mr. Krayjee,
      I respect you, I do not want to do this. We were good as brother, how come this happened to us? I did not come after other spa, you totally misunderstand me.
      Let's keep peace. I will delete it after you read it.
    9. BangerStyle
      Krayjee need some info from you how to proceed
    10. kittyhound69
      Is it suki? Thanks
    11. Deepaksel
      Please can anyone share few contacts with me I am new and joined yesterday to this group [email protected]
    12. Sachcools
      1. Deepaksel likes this.
      2. Deepaksel
        Please can anyone share few contacts with me I am new and joined yesterday to this group [email protected]
        Aug 16, 2016
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