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Luxury Spa Toronto - Placidity Spa



jamesmorrow was last seen:
Feb 23, 2017 at 3:54 AM
      buddy , was trying to reach you.
      Well I have few contacts to share( tried and appreciated) , not that I am trying to Entice , but woould you mind sharing some with me ( from Thane)?
      I am not a newbie #justsaying :p
      [email protected]

      Eager to get you in my inbox.
    2. SinglMalt83
      Hello Bro! Can you share some numbers of good looking chicks? Staying in Mumbai for couple of nights..would like to have too quality experience. Someone who can come to my hotel? I see everyone workshops u in the group!!
    3. akkisingh1985
      Hey buddy, can u please share the name and adress of b***y salon in juhu. U can inbox me here or just send it to [email protected]
      Thanks a lot in advance bro
    4. SAJO
      Dude.....pls share some contacts with me at [email protected]
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    Thai Massage
    I am Single. Staying alone, looking for a good company even to have a chit-chat @ coffee. looking for a gentle girl, women, lady... whom i can make feel free to live & let live.