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Discussion in 'Canada Massage review' started by .x.Emma.x., Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. .x.Emma.x.

    .x.Emma.x. Member

    Nov 18, 2009

    Finally had the opportunity to visit Montreal for business and planned for some fun on the side. For years I have heard of all the great stories about Montreal. I checked out the Eleganza site on my first night in Montreal. After a quick call, Lucky was knocking on my hotel room door in about 40 minutes (although, the phone person originally said 25 minutes). I can't complain...having a hot young girl show up at your door with just 40 minutes notice is pretty good.

    Lucky entered my room and immediately began LFK which turned into DFK. While we embraced, her hands immediately began to roam freely and she teasingly rubbed my crotch. She removed her coat and stood before me wearing skin tight pants, a long sweater, and some UGGS (it was snowing afterall). Her pictures are very accurrate and her facial features reminded me of a young blonde version of Gillian Anderson. She does have some ivy looking tattoos on her back that are airbrushed out of the photos. Definitely a variation of the tramp stamp, but it's nothing too distracting though. Her English is very good as well. In no time, she quickly stripped out of her clothes down to just a tight blue bra & panties (with the room curtains wide open....although, it was so cold outside I don't think anyone looked up). The bra top accentuated her natural breasts nicely as they spilled over the cups. Lucky knelt down in front of me and began a nice BBBJ. She started slowly and gradually worked up the suction and pace of her sucking.

    I pulled her back up to me for more DFK then after removing her bra & panties, worked my way down to suck on her breasts. She moaned in approval as I sucked on her breasts. She pushed me back down onto the edge of the bed and continued another round of BBBJ. I began to have trouble holding out any longer, so we moved onto the bed & she applied the condom. Lucky mentioned that her 2 favorite positions were Doggy and Missionary. We did them in that order. She responded to Doggy by driving back against me to meet my forward thrusts. Next, we switched to Missionary because she said "I love to have my legs pinned back high while getting fucked". Who was I to disappoint her? All kidding aside, Lucky did become more vocal and seemed to really enjoy it. I asked her how I should finish and she wanted me back in her mouth. She ripped off the cover and was back to BBBJ until Cup 1 was served CIM.

    After a quick cleanup, we snuggled back into the bed. We stroked and groped each other while LFK/DFK. She began stroking my penis with renewed vigor while I sucked on her breasts again. Before long, she was down between my legs for another round of BBBJ. While alternating between deep sucking, she occasionally rubbed & smacked my penis against her face. On with the condom, we started with her riding me in CG. She really moves her hips and strokes you during the ride. Next, Lucky got up and walked over to the chair across the room. She bent over and supported herself on the chair and asked to be fucked in standing Doggy. Finally, Cup 2 was served.

    After quickly cleaning me up, we relaxed for a bit & Lucky got the call. Apparently, they call the girls at one hour to give them a heads up on time. Lucky asked to use the shower. After returning from the shower, she returned and began making out with me yet again....until she got a second call (which seemed to annoy her).

    It was a great way to spend my first night in Montreal. The best part was....I still had 2 more nights there.
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    Help us celebrate World Pride Week in Toronto. Huge Pride parade this weekend.

    Add some m4m love to Toronto thread .........

  3. Guliver

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