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Jaco Beach Kate Massage

Discussion in 'Costa Rica Massage Reviews' started by lifestyle50, Feb 9, 2015.

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  1. lifestyle50

    lifestyle50 Member

    Jul 7, 2012
    On vacation in Jaco so I decided to try a massage. There are some new massage places in Jaco now and they are offering good prices for massage.

    I checked out one called Kate which is on the main street at the (north?) end of town, not too far from the Monkey Bar and the KFC. The spa is just thrown into what was a store. Some temporary walls and a lot of curtains to create the room. Not much in the way of privacy.

    I went twice. The first day I saw Pamela. A good quality massage. $20 for 40 minutes. Not much talking, her English is not great. She had a pretty set routine, but it was a good massage. Not really deep, but more than just a relaxing massage. Nothing was offered beyond a regular massage but that was ok with me. I went back the next day and asked for Pamela, but a different girl ended up coming in. I asked about doing an hour compared to the special on 40 minutes. She said no problem, its $30 for one hour so I said that was good. Her massage was OK, not as good as Pamela. A lighter touch, less deep muscle massage. It was more relaxing, and there was some sensual touches which I do enjoy. She did end up offering a HE for $40

    The massage ended earlier than I expected. She ended up only doing the regular 40 minutes even though I asked and paid for an hour so I wasn't impressed with that. Probably why I don't remember her name. ; )

    Still, the massage was good enough and it's nice to see massage in Jaco, so it's worth trying, just watch your wallet ; )
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  2. bhadwakhan456

    bhadwakhan456 New Member

    Mar 4, 2018

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