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"Hot Deals" for repeat corporate clients

Discussion in 'Chair Massage' started by silly girl, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. silly girl

    silly girl Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    We were recently contacted by a great corporate client about providing chair massage at an upcoming special event. They have been very generous in the past, so we are happy to work with them again. However, this year they are cutting costs and have asked us whether we can give them a "hot deal" this year. :undecided:

    We have already sent them a proposal for this year's event, but it got me thinking...

    Do you think the economy has changed the dynamics of providing corporate chair massage? If so, what kinds of changes have you noticed? How flexible are you willing to be for "good" clients you've worked with before? How flexible are you willing to be for new corporate clients? Do you have different standards for regularly scheduled on-site chair massage vs special events?
  2. kojackid

    kojackid Member

    Aug 29, 2009
    "Hot Deals" for repeat corporate clients

    We have seen an increase demand for our services. Many of our clients in 2008 went without services in 2009 and are back to having health fairs and other similar events for their employees.

    Not very. Beyond honoring last year's rate, we won't lower rates. We focus on selling reliability and quality, not price. Plenty of folks compete on price, and often you get what you pay for.

    What we do offer is greater value.

    We offer our clients an "all-in" rate for their company -- not just each location. If one of our DC area Law Firms has an event, and their NYC office wants an event also, we count the total # of hours for the entire company when calculating their hourly rate. that way if a smaller office in Seattle wants Chair Massage, they get the same low rate as the bigger offices in the company.

    We can offer their employees discounts on at home services or in-room services in the top 25 metro markets in the US -- both for them and as gifts for friends and family. We are willing to offer a discount on these services, since it is marginal revenue for our various other cities.

    Even less. We don't like new customer discounts, for any segment of our business. Loyalty gets rewarded, not trial.

    Regularly scheduled tend to be employee-paid, which means a greater workload in scheduling the service and having to pay for downtime for the inevetibale missed appts or unscheduled time. We charge more per hour for Employee paid than for company paid.

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