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Home Massage For You

Discussion in 'Bangkok Massage Reviews' started by Dozza, Feb 28, 2016.

MoonLight Spa
  1. Dozza

    Dozza Guest


    Am expert in Hydro-Massage And Oil Massage.

    I can make your body experiance the most clean..healthy..relaxed massage you ever try in thailand.

    Am forigner man ..36 yeard old..i do only the healthy..enjoyable massage...in your home or hotel.

    Its noraml thats i do massage for women and not for man..because the muscels of ladies more soft and can control it more easy than man which give the most great result for ladies body.

    Am not intrested in doing sex with my customer..and never do befor..but i will make my best to make you enjoy (releasing the negative energy from your body/mind and also releasing your sexual energy which may accumelate in your body due to various reasons ).

    Am easy..polite..respect your privacy...

    1 hour = 500 baht = about 17 $

    My body is normal...have tattos..my skin dark but good looking..my arms strong and gentil in the same time..tall 172..wieght 70..

    The reason why i menstion my personal things..because i not share my picture with anybody..thats why i please you dont ask sending my picture..

    I want do great massage for you and dont want make sex relation..thats why my picture is not important.

    But in the same time..you have the full freedom to cnfirm or cancel booking after you see me.

    For women from age 20-65..

    Booking now...send me email...give it atry...you will appreciate later my experiance in massage theraby.


  2. Dozza

    Dozza Guest

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