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Holistic Massage Therapy - career ideas

Discussion in 'Holistic Massage' started by BiLlLoVeR4EvEr, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. BiLlLoVeR4EvEr

    BiLlLoVeR4EvEr New Member

    Jan 4, 2011
    Hello all,
    Yesterday I tried a one day introduction to Holistic Massage course and found it very enjoyable. My back was aching a bit after but I am currently exploring a few ideas for a career change and is one of them. I thought about holistic therapies for a long time before I ever tried practicing them as a career. Now happily getting stuck in and trying out my ideas.
    I would love to hear from any massage therapists doing this for a living: is it lucrative or very tough to get by financially..do you combine your work with other therapies or other jobs? Also I imagine it would be very physically demanding..
    I have been working in offices my whole life and suffered burnout with stress several times. Keen to find a fulfilling way to help people, either holistically or in a way that would also benefit my own health as I am doing it (teaching Pilates, Yoga or Dance). Naturally I am very friendly, sociable and genuinely enthusiastic about wellbeing and therapies.
    I also have other ideas like Teaching English as a Foreign Language (I want to live abroad) and help people.
    Financial reward is important to me as I have been saving to get on the property ladder however I know in the long run I am probably not used to Admin and high pressure office jobs. I definitely see myself running my own business (or businesses), perhaps with multiple income streams. Finding it hard to decide!
    Advice would be most helpful.
  2. rat_girl87

    rat_girl87 New Member

    Dec 10, 2010
    Hope you don't mind me being frank. Not everyone is cut out to be a MT or self-employed. Luckily it has worked out for me. It's a natural vocation for my disposition I can't say if it's a good move or not. Only you can make that decision. If you do it, put your heart and mind into it and be the best god-damn Massage Therapist you can possibly be.

    Best Wishes


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