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Thread: Table Showers?

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    Default Table Showers?

    Is VIP the only table shower provider in Rochester? Or are there other options - preferably one with a younger staff? As I get older myself, that shower is almost as nice as the HE.

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    Default Table Showers?

    Not that I know of...Scentsation CTR was the only other place I remember with that feature...ah...the memories.

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    Default Table Showers?

    I've always loved the table shower but........ a few years ago I developed what I thought was a rash under my arm, which turned out to be an infection. My doctor put me on oral antibiotics and a cream. Asked me if I had been in a hot tub lately. Never really told me what the problem was and I guess I didn't ask. A few days later I said something to a nurse friend of mine and she said "oh that was probably a yeast infection". I am convinced I got that from an AMP table shower.

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    Default Table Showers?

    That's scabies Brother.

    Little hatching things under your skin that you pick up from the foam on the table shower - (which never gets cleaned).
    The doc gave you oral anti-b's just in case but the cream was to kill the little critters.

    Happened to me once at a VIP in B'lo area.
    Never went back.

    Do love the table shower though - too bad.

    Kyotee out.

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    Default Table Showers?

    roc was allway clean miss them

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    Default Table Showers?

    Tried the table shower once at VIP in Depew that got shutdwon and is being remodeled now. Table shower was nice and luckily took nothing extra home with me. Thought about it and wondered how many times they use the same washcloth scrubbers on different guys? They didn't look like throwaways and decided not to repeat.

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    Default Table Showers?

    celso very good observation about the washcloth. got me thinking. thanks

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    Default Table Showers?

    LOL - that was the place that I blame.

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    Default Table Showers?

    After further review and research. It doesn't look like it was scabies. It cleared up way to quick to be scabies and the symptoms and appearance look nothing like scabies. I remember the doctor saying that it was feeding off of another health problem of mine and vice versa. Also, she had no problem with the fact I was going to be taking my young niece to a waterpark in 2 days, and any exposure to me. That won't be the case with scabies

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    Default Table Showers?

    I've always been a little worried about the hot towels that most places use. I've always felt like they weren't exactly clean, I don't know why but I think every AMP I've ever been to had musty smelling water for whatever reason.



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