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    Default AnastaZias Massage opens in Welland Canada

    Not really sure where to put this since it's a Canadian MP, so I'll start here and let Mods move it if needed. This is for those of us who still venture to Canada to hobby where it is more accepted and open.

    AnastaZias Massage just opened, saw this on NERBS.
    289 228 1642 is their phone number.
    AnastaZias Massage is the old Delilah's Spa at 633 East Main Street they claim has been completely renovated and is open.
    anastaziamassage.webs.com is their temp website. They claim to be working on a more permanent one.

    They are running 'buck a minute' grand opening specials right now for the next few days maybe longer. i.e. $30/hh, $45/45 minutes, $60/hour. Gave them a call and was told they have about 6 girls and want to hire more. All girls are new and never worked at the old Delilah's Spa. What caught my attention was when he said Bobbi will be starting there next week! This is the one and only Bobbi who danced, was an indy SP but is now working for Anastazia's Escorts! Bobbi is a doll and has been well reviewed on this board.
    www.NERBS.net site has some pics of the co-owner serenitti who is a MPA there.

    It looks like Max's in Welland, a couple miles down the road, is about to get some competition. Max's is an excellent MP with some fine talented MPAs for those who still venture to Canada.

    Forgot to ask if AnastaZias Massage takes USD at par. In the past Max's did take USD at par but I haven't been up there recently. You can always ask when you call to see who is on.

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    Default AnastaZias Massage opens in Welland Canada

    Bobbi's reviews: http://www.massageplanet.net/member.php?u=24700&tab=massageplanet_reviews



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