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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    Anyone have info on Jodie??....Pm or post here ..THANKS!..

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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    Hey peeps, new guy here from winterpeg and looking to find a place to warm up!!!

    Can someone pm me some good recommendations?
    Might be after a good massage with a happy ending!!!

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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    Executive Bath or Time out are your best bets if just looking for a massage with a happy ending, same building one is upstairs and one is down, down stairs has the showers in the rooms really the only difference.

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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    I met Kendra just few days ago, and I found her as one of the best girls i had ever met at Nevada.She is really hot and beautiful, but her great expertise is an incredible body massage technique which drove me crazy ,and I can't refrain the release when she started to lick all my body, especially my gun part.Totally crazy and amazing!

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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    Can someone PM me with any info that I should know nowadays?

    I have never been there. Do you have to be over 21 years old?

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    see rachel at nevadas

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    You're right about that!

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    Ok, checked out this place today (Sunday). Wow about 10 girls in the binder, all disgusting. Either ugly & overweight, or ugly & 40+! Is it always like this? I was hoping for average looking young petite girl, definitely nothing better than a 5 out of ten working! I know there not supermodels but I hoped for maybe a 7 out of ten. Is this just cuz it was Sunday and when is a better time to go if any? Can someone give me a general tipping guide?

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    I was with Persia twice. She is perhaps the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen.

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    many good looking girls their , I tend to go quite a bit , very nice and none are drug addicted . the place has really cleaned up


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