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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    Any recent info on this place? The last post I read somewhere, not sure if here on another forum, said that there were not many good looking girls left there.

    Any thoughts??

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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    I haven't been for awhile (my regulars keep me busy) but as far as I know Catherine, Emerald and Justine are all still there. You can't go wrong with any of the 3.

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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    there are lots of beautiful women there for a variety of tastes.

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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    this may seem weird, but.. upon having read Bailley's comments on Nevada's, I've just stroked her off my list of ladies to visit...

    sometimes less said is better.. just sayin' ya know...

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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    Huh !!?? Am I missing something here?

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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    Bailey had posted a rebuttal and it was obviously removed. It was . . . . . lets just say a rebuttal.

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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    Pardon me for pulling up this older thread but I've been a regular customer of Nevada's for a few years now. They do have an excellent deal for guys that go there often as far as room rates go. Feel free to PM me about that.
    Catherine and Justine are still there and as exciting as they always were. Mika is still there and always has a warm friendly smile and good conversation. The rest are newer gals. Some of these newer girls are extremely attractive like Hallie, Persia and Brooke. There's big girls, small girls, black girls, native girls blondes and brunettes. In my opinion there's someone to fit into anyone's desires. Emerald and Angelina have moved on to Broadways and so have a few others, where I'm sure they will do well.
    Nevada's is clean and nice with a very easy membership program. You just need some sort of handle and they'll give you a number. Simple as that.
    I know this sounds like an advertisement but it's not. It's just my opinion. Nevada has always treated me well and that's where I get the most bang for my buck so I'll recommend them to anyone.

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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    I all so have been along customer of Nevada's and I can't tell you the number of great visits I have had there. Lately I have been seeing Catherine and she is great. I am tempted to have a duo haven't yet.

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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    So are all these sorts of places single shot? I mean if you pay for an hour with a "massause", do they kick you out after you have made your first deposit or do they keep you in for the hour?
    Quick shooters want to know.

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    Default Nevada Relaxations

    The hour belongs to you. Sometimes the girls get into trouble for ending the session too soon. Everyone is different and your MMV depending on the attendant. You gotta ask the girl you're with. They won't bite.


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