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    Default Agua Prieta Trip Report July 9th 2011

    Nice hearing you didnt have any trouble, AP is pretty safe. There is a closer parking lot on the east side of panamerican ave just by the border. There is also a nice Strip Club called Guau Guau on 3rd Stret and panamerican ave. Just turn right. There is a hotel beside it where you can take the girls. You can check the talent at http://bit.ly/olmYHG if you have a car or get a taxi you can go to Hotel Cْpulas just go south on panamerican avenue to 6th street make a left keep going straight until 6th avenue make a right keep going until you hit the freeway make a left keep going straight towards Janos you will pass 4 lights before the last one on the other side of the road you will see the Cْpulas hotel beside a Chevrolet dealer, just get a room and ask for the girls.

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    Default Agua Prieta Trip Report July 9th 2011

    gracias a Dios por intiresny

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    Default Agua Prieta Trip Report July 9th 2011

    Hello everybody. I recently moved to Southern Arizona and thought I'd take the hour drive to Agua Prieta. I'm very familiar with the 1990's South Florida street scene, been to Costa Rica in 2001, Tijuana numerous times 1990-2006, Juarez 1992, Mexicali 2007, and always try to find at least one local independent in whichever town I live in.
    So, after asking 100 different people if they'd go and not finding any takers, I decided to head down by myself to the the city of Douglas, park the car and walk in to Mexico. Got to the border Saturday around 8:30pm and didn't see any parking lots on the US side like they have in San Ysidro near TJ. Driving south on Pan American AVE approaching the border there are a few business on the left (east) and some side roads which lead into a residential/industrial area. To the right (west) on 5th ST there is a Walmart and a bunch of other businesses. I parked in the Walmart parking lot and walked towards the border.
    There is a sidewalk which runs along the west side parallel to Pan American AVE and leads right to the pedestrian crossing in to Mexico. You pass through a turnstile, pass through a little Mexican Customs area (they didn't even look twice at me, no search, no questions, nothing) and bam you're in Mexico.
    My stupid ass went with three strikes. 1. First trip, 2. Nighttime, 3. By myself. I rarely do anything daring or crazy (or stupid), I'm usually a simple and easygoing person and don't like a lot of excitement. But sometimes I just say fuck it. Thankfully, everything went smoothly. I walked around for a little while, ate some tacos, and headed to the area around Avenida 2 and Calle 15. I had read on a different site about where to go and what to look for etc. The way I understand it is there is an area where prostitution is officially tolerated. The best bars in the area are Flamingo, El Paraiso, El Pedregal, El Bohemio, Taurus Club, 5 Patio Bar, and El 5 Quinto. Hey, I'm just going by what I read.
    Walking around Agua Prieta I felt fine. It's definitely a border town but not very touristy. I stayed mostly on the main roads but went down some side roads too, some were unpaved. Actually reminded me a lot of Juarez or Mexicali, but nothing like TJ. I noticed several Chinese restaurants and Japanese restaurants, just thought I'd throw that in. Most of the town was closed, not really a nightlife party friendly town at all. I must admit I felt a bit intimidated when I approached the zona. Daytime probably aint so bad, but yeah I was a bit scared. Maybe would've been wiser to take a taxi, I did see a few but not everywhere like TJ. First place I see is the Flamingo. There are a few other bars within view, one directly across the street. Some looked like they were closed but they weren't, the whole area was rather dead with sort of a desperate feeling, I felt dirty being there
    Enter the Flamingo, 2 guys sitting in the corner talking to a girl, 3 girls outside and some guy who was like a waiter/helper, it was either a feminine guy or a masculine girl, couldn't tell. The girls called to me when they saw me approaching, I walked in and sat at the bar. Ordered Tecate can , girl sat next to me ask if I'd buy her one, Tecate bottle . Yeah yeah I know. She was 30's but not bad looking, maybe a 4-5. I retreated to a table and was immediately approached by a young lady 25 can't remember her name, some hard to pronounce shit, my limited Spanish and her non-existent English, whatever, but she was fine. I'd say an 8+. Bought the Tecate and negotiated for 1/2 hour. I heard that it's +, she started at , I countered , agreed . No charge for the room. Pay upfront, girl gives it to the bartender, walk outside, helper/waiter/guy/girl lets us into an iron gate a few steps away from the front door of the bar. Now we're in a courtyard like an apartment complex, volleyball court and all. No shit. We go to one of the "apartments", bed appeared clean, no pillow, bathroom was fucked but the sink and toilet worked.

    Took off clothes, got a cbj then cowgirl, then missionary, then took it off and jacked with the right while banging her with the left. Her body was very nice, perfect titties, perfect pussy with the folds of fat on the side and the small lips in the middle when you spread the outer part, got really wet and seemed to enjoy herself. Pussy had a bit of a funk to it, not bad enough to be a deal breaker, it's just that I prefer either no smell or a sweet smell. Hers was a bit musty but tolerable, it's not like I was licking it or anything, got a friend who does that, tell you more about him later. Anyway, washed in the sink, got dressed, said our goodbyes, and left. Walked back to the border, 2 ICE guys at a counter, one asked what I was doing and if I was bringing anything back. Nothing, nope, go through. Walked back to the car.
    That's about it. Next time I'd like to go during the day and check out the other places and the street scene. Maybe I should've stayed the night down there. Oh well, always next time. Any questions or comments, let's hear em.



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