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    Default Sex Scene in Mazatlan

    10 bucks will get you a cab to anywhere in Mazatlan. Anytime afternoon should find the casas stocked with senoritas. Cabbies will know both high end and low end places which aren't all that different. As long as your standards aren;t supermodels you will have a great time.

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    Default Sex Scene in Mazatlan

    thanks again azztapper...

    usually you have to be back on the ship by 4-5pm so I hope they are open in early afternoon.... cabs expensive?

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    Default Sex Scene in Mazatlan

    casas come and go as each eventually decides to not pay the mordida (bite)to the local police. We had the driver take us to a couple and then went back to the one with the ladies we preferred. There were also bars we visited where lap dances could be had for and behind closed door FS could be had for . Yes, they like USD. The drivers know where they are and you don't have to go in any you don't like the looks of. I seem to remember the bars closed at 2AM, but a cruise probably won't have you there overnight, so it shouldn't be a problem. Sounds like the perfect shore excursion.

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    Default Sex Scene in Mazatlan

    Thanks. Any recommended casas?

    And do they take USD?

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    Default Sex Scene in Mazatlan

    Of course. Take one of the many open air taxis, like glorified golf carts. Ask the driver to take you to a couple of casas (houses). From there, take your pick. The prices are often posted and very specific (1 hour massage including sex). Buena suerte with your cruise and all LAYovers.

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    Default Sex Scene in Mazatlan

    Is it possible to hit one of these for a quickie during the day coming off a cruise ship??? I figure what a great way to spend my day in Mexico... Cruise also stops in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta but I think chicas there are expensive.

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    Default Sex Scene in Mazatlan

    Just got back from a week in Mazatlan. Great place to unwind and seek distractions. Found a couple of "casa de sitas" which were well known to several of the open air taxi drivers. Prices were 800 pesos for an hour with the girl of your choice. One place had 8 girls to choose from and the other had 5. Went with a blonde who reminded me of Rhianna in the face. She was very pleasant and wasn't shy about showing me how she wanted to be pleased while never losing sight of the fact she was there to please me. Went a couple of times in the hour and she never lost enthusiasm. Sweet face and eager to please, especially orally. Everything was covered. we went through 3 condoms in all and she seemed ready for more. I also went to a strip bar in El Centro, the old part of Mazatlan. The girls were attractive to me, but not to my friend. Drinks for the ladies were 150 pesos (my drink was 50 pesos). A very nice, all nude lapdance was 60 pesos. The fun began when I asked for a private lapdance. My girl, was a solid knockout, looking like Rosario Dawes, the actress. stacked and firm dancer's body. Said she was 36 and took vitamins, but she looked 25 at most. I pay the dyke at the table and we are allowed into a private room with a lounge chair. 200 pesos for the room and the dyke gives her a condom and towel. This girl after the door shuts then explains that the money was only for baila, not sexo. she asks for 500 pesos and I tell her I only have 20 bucks US. She says OK, and pulls down my pants and puts a condom on me. she asks if I want oral or completo, and I indicate I want to get it on with her. She then squats over me, reverse cowgirl style, and begins to ride me wildly. The 2 song set ends and we are still at it. The dyke bangs on the door and Rosario tells me it will cost another 200 for 2 more songs. I tell her I don't have the money and she pauses then yells thru the door, "otro mas," another set. She continues her great ride. I mean it was like she was masturbating me with her vagina. We finish and I give her the money. What she did to settle up with the dyke for the room I didn't know or care. She came back to the table, giving me her phone number and telling me she was off the next day. Let me tell you, lots of guys like to come here to the clubs to strike up a relationship with drunken yanquis, but to me the local flavor is stress free and if I wanted to develop a relationship, the girls are there for the taking. The casas de Sitas had their prices posted on the walls, so it wasn't as if the taxi driver kickbacks could drive up the prices. All told, I want to go back. Now!

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    Default Sex Scene in Mazatlan

    Thanks for the messages, both private and posted, on Mazatlan's seedy side. I'm going in another month and am looking forward to the senoritas bonitas and their enthusiasm for pesos. I am hoping they are more visible, thus requiring less work to locate them.

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    Default Sex Scene in Mazatlan

    i have never been to mexico.....

    Is it easy to meet girls there?
    I mean to find good looking, normal, non-hooker girls, who wants a foreign

    or is it always a pay thing?

    and also, what are the top cities with the best looking girls, lots of hot girls?
    so you can find them all in one area?

    thx for info guys.

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    Default Sex Scene in Mazatlan

    I was down in Mazatlan meeting my GF from Las Mochis. Place was packed with hot locals and some Gringa springbreakers.

    On an early trip a few months back, a buddy and me hit three different Casa de Citas -- all in the Centro a few blocks back off the Malecon. All were unmarked upstairs apartments. Fee was $70 USD all-inclusive. Nice selection of chicas - no fichas to be bought and no knock on the door. Was a nice break from banging our GF's....

    Just find a taxi driver that speaks English and ask him to take you to a Casa de Cita. One note - on a Sunday, only one out of three was open....


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