I was in Algodones yesterday for a dentist appointment, got hit by an earthquake and enjoyed every minute. It was afternoon so the Green Door or Hawaii weren't happening yet, however directly across the street from the Hawaii Club are some older whores who charge $40 bucks fs. I found a couple that were doable in the early to mid thirties. From there I went over to San Luis Rio Colorado. As soon as you cross the border and only a block from the border head west. There are two massage parlors down that street. The first heading west is on your left which had three very nice chicas inside. Massage was $40, sex was $100 and non negotiable. I asked a couple of 15 year old girls waslking towards me if they knew of a massage place further down the street, all the while holding a $100 bill in my hand. The cutie that spoke english told me that about 10 street further west there was a place that gives massage. I spoke with them for a minute or two and thought it was time to move on. I walked the 10 blocks west and on the right side of the road was Paradise Massage and Spa. Inside sat eight nice looking ladies. Again $40 for massage and you negotiate for sex with the girl. I picked at very cute 23 year old young girl and she gave me a massage, bj, fs for 65. There is a shower right there in your little room where you can shower and then she showers as well. I was a little turned off by her fish smell when I got her on her knees and wondered if she could smell it too. Thats the only down side. I wished I could have stayed through the night as it was New Years Eve heading into 2010. All in all it was a fun day.

Would like to see more reviews and tips on Mexico border towns like San Luis, Sonoyta or Algodones. Anyone have any tips for girls that work from their homes?