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    Hi Bufford I see you are checking out now my posts in The Cancun area. If I was You I would say The Mazatlan,Puerta Vallarta to Guadalajara area is much better for Mongering. I was in Mazatlan once but did not Monger that night... Just Saw My Mexican Heavy Metal Buddies From D.F. Luzbel play in a local bar that night and partied on the Malecon With some crazy Mexican Rockers. Then Headed To Lovely Hermosillo. That City Is alright too For XXX Action. Where I am Now In Merida The Mongering pretty much sucks big time here. Alright got to go from here. Take Care,,, Sincerly Arecho Monger....

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    Hey Bufford TJ thanks so much for the info, seriously dude! I'll write a post on here when I get back.

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    The red zone is dead. There are about four massage places all within about five blocks from each other. Take a pulmonia and tell him to drop you off at the monumento del pescador, it is on the malecon across the street from a Pollo Loco. You will see a park right next to the pollo loco walk up to the basketball court and turn east on the first street walk up to 101 (forgot street name) on the second floor. This is masages nayelli 60 massage and fs 70 if cabbie takes you.
    If selection is not good at Nayellis walk east to the end of the block turn south and walk three blocks and look for Carlas spray painted next to the mailbox on the left side of the street. Carlas only had two girls on the days I went,45half hour 60 for 45 minutes 70 for a full hour add 10 bucks if cabbie takes you.
    Go back to the monumento del pescador the street next to the pollo loco is Gutierrez Najera walk east about five or six blocks until you get to the first major intersection on the left side of the street at the corner second floor great selection at night 60 full service. Guard is always out front.
    Night clubs are set up about the same Jacarandas (not sure of name) Hippocampo theres a couple others but I was drunk and cant remember much about them. Jacarandas and Hippocampo beer is cheap 15 pesos buy a private dance for 70 or 80 pesos in the private area girl tells you to buy nine more private dances for full service or you end up paying about 60 or 70 for FS.

    Hippocampo was the best club I went to they had about 12 dancers beer was cheap and the best part was that if you didnot like any of the girls all you had to do was walk outside the club walk about a quarter of the block and here you will find the good old fashion casita de citas. It is a regular house you walk up to the gate the girls line up for you,you choose your poison,60 bucks for an hour walk in the house head to a bedroom and take care of business.
    There is a hotel Tamaulipas where the girls line up for you, you choose the one you want do the deed at the hotel or you can take them back to your hotel for an all nighter. The girls here were hot 70 bucks FS here at the hotel and whatever you can negotiate for an all nighter. Tamaulipas is off the beaten path so be careful if you go here. This is all I remember from my drunken week in Mazatlan.

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    Come on , someone has to have some info on this place!

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    Hey, I'm heading down to Mazatlan for spring break in a couple weeks. There's gotta be someone out there reading this who has some great info they wanna share my way regarding where to find some hot little latina's. I've read some old posts from a couple years ago, cant seem to find anything current. I'm looking for strip bars, and massage parlors if they have any. Or if anyone can suggest a good escort service and the prices. Also how sAfe is this "red zone" ?I'll thank ya a head of time for making my vacation a memorable one.



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