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    Default tijuana erotic parties on craigslist real or scam?

    Yeah I saw that ad on Craig's list Tijuana also, and wondered the same thing? I bet it could be real, it's easy enough to get Mexican hookers acting like they are swingers, and you might get a couple of real swingers too, along with ugly chicks who go their for free to get fucked, and of course single guys all too willing to pay $100 dollars to find out.

    However, I wouldn't send then a $100 dollar advance fee, in fact I wouldn't even want to waste my time to find out if it's legit or not, unless one of you guys go first. How about it, anybody want to take one for the team?

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    Default tijuana erotic parties on craigslist real or scam?

    just wondering i always see these erotic parties posted on craigslist for 100 all night free food drinks lesbian shows transportation is it actually legit or do they jack you?



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