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    Default Nice Massage / Red Rope place

    Hello everybody,

    I've reed some places in China organize orgies that you can join by paying a fee. Do you know how can I contact one of these places or people in Shanghai?

    Thank you
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    Default Nice Massage / Red Rope place

    The last post on this thread was April of 2009. With all of the changes going on in Shanghai, I was wondering if this place is still providing the Red Rope service.

    I definetly want to check it out. I will be back in Shanghai sometime in May/June timeframe.

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    Default Nice Massage / Red Rope place

    re Shanghai Hotel - I drove by there today - looks like a pretty "respectable" place. Do you just go to the spa/sauna in the hotel and ask for "mens service"? Is there a special place you go in hotel? thanks
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    Default Nice Massage / Red Rope place

    Anybody know for the adress
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    Default Nice Massage / Red Rope place

    Hi, here in this Thread is the Adress. Simply print it and show a taxi driver, it´ll work fine.
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    Default Nice Massage / Red Rope place

    do you have the adress in Chinese? Thanks
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    Default Nice Massage / Red Rope place

    Any pics of the red rope act... it sounds very imaginative... unable to understand it PIcs would help )
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    Default Nice Massage / Red Rope place

    Hi there, just back from Shanghai..
    I visited Red Rope 3 times (was there just a week ) and it is GREAT!!!
    I do not speak Mandarin, but it works very fine. On the weekend they have a student how speaks very good english...
    Usually the have light blue outfits, on Saturday night there was a very small on with dark blue clothes... So I took her...
    Great, she was a "newcomer" and very tight and shy.. But it was realy a good stay...
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    Default Nice Massage / Red Rope place

    This place is my favorite place in shanghai.
    I feel its clean, secure and spacious. I always go there around 12-1am and always get around 12-15 ladies:-D

    I havent tried all the girls but those ive been with have been absolutely fantastic!

    For 570rmb man you dont get better service nor girls anywhere in Shanghai.
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    Default Nice Massage / Red Rope place

    Wuzhong Lu is actually really easy to find. If you take Panyu Lu (spoken Fanyu Lu) and just carry on straight you will hit it.

    The place you yous are talking about is after the building that looks like an Egyptian temple, about 500m further on. On your right hand side you will see a 30 story, round building. It is behind this place and you must go around it, either left or right. You will walk past a car wash if you walk round left.

    The place is cheap and the service is 7/10. However it is not too clean in my eyes. I live here in Shanghai and have seen much better.
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