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    Default guangzhou sex guide

    I am looking for a girl for one week here? you know how to find one?

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    Default guangzhou sex guide

    Brother, i am coming by dec 2008, any place to recommended??

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    Default guangzhou sex guide

    bro, can u share any info/tips/FR. I will be in macau on 25 September. Then Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen (on 28 or 29 Sept) then HK.

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    Default guangzhou sex guide

    i believe the name of this city in guangzhou should call "zu hai"

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    Default guangzhou sex guide

    hi jason, nice to meet you here. i know you are active in guangzhou therefore i wonder whether you know any good spa, sauna, karaok at Chu Hai? I will be making a trip there in end october or early november

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    Default guangzhou sex guide

    Can you help me out if I have a free nite in Zhongshan and also maybe in Panyu for first week of October ? I am there for business but I might some some free time .

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    Default guangzhou sex guide

    Hi Jason,

    Visiting Guangzhou for the first time in October.
    Looking for fun with 2 girls, where would you suggest?


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    Default guangzhou sex guide

    Pretty good report of Guangzhou. I was there in May and it's a shithole, stayed at the Canton Hotel. Maybe i was running late or didn't have time to explore the area. The humid weather will prevent most monger from venturing out deeper into Guangzhou.

    You mentioned about all the massage suana and barbarshops services with the "happy ending", that's great but you can get that in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dongguan. What we are really interested in is which one of these massage places offer full service sex?

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    Default guangzhou sex guide

    Generally speaking there is good luck to be had in Guangzhou. Around the City Center area, visit Hill Bar directly across from the Garden Hotel, you can generally find a few nice women Mon - Fri with W/E's offering more. A short distance from Hill Bar, is the Cave, Fri & Sat's are generally packed with people, weekend's you generally have a dozen or more women to choose from. Directly up the street visit Ting Bar, there you enjoy live music, as well as a host of ladies, Asian & European. One other location is "Club" street @ the Holiay Inn, several bars on Club st, check out the Wave. There are several Barber Shop massage parlors a very short walk from the Garden Hotel. Behind the Garden Hotel you find the Irish Pub "Paddy Field" walk past the Pub a few hundred meters,there you will come to an intersection of small roads, continue walking the same direction following the road as it bears to your left. Here you will find about 6 Barber Shop massage parlors, all safe, with attractive ladies to serve you, expect 200, maybe 300RMB + 50rmb for the house for a HJ. There are several Spa massage parlors, I have visited just one next to the China Palace Hotel just past Mc Donalds, expect a nice relaxing atmosphere, shower, scalp & foot massage if you like, nice private rooms, each of my visits have had happy endings. In addition to the fee at the front desk, 200rmb got me a wonderful HJ both visits.

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    Default guangzhou sex guide

    thanks bro for your input... guess it make sense for me to delay a bit on my trip... anyway it is not urgent and definitely not a business trip but leisure...

    also thanks to few other bro who contributes your input... definitely helps.


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