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Thread: Yantai

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    Default Yantai

    This is ridiculously desperate - becuase we all know China is lacking in females, right?


    "date" ... yea, right

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    Default Yantai

    I have got to be in the most boring city in China. I am used to Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.
    They do not have an asiaxpat.com for Yantai nor does AFF cover it well.
    So, I am having a hard time to find girls to date. ugh.
    I really don't like the "paying" for a date but I am getting pretty desperate.

    Any clues on the best places to find a date? If nothing, then best places for some action.
    I live in the DMTZ zone near the sea, I live pretty far from downtown Yantai.





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