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    Default Subic Bay P.I. Bound


    Don't get me wrong I still think Patong is Top Tits in the Boom Zone...
    But check out this little honey.....
    I'm going back for round two

    Salamat Poh! Amigos...

    From San Miguel to Singha the weather sucks in Honolulu...
    Light rain some days.....65F overnight lows time for some travel!

    Attached is a photo of my regular in Subic She is totally no problem great english and just wants to lub mi berry mutt!

    Warning about P.I. Butterfly no good, can be a problem!
    Here is my Daaaarling!
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    Default Subic Bay P.I. Bound

    Is that a lady boy????
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    Default Subic Bay P.I. Bound

    Sorry all you LBL's ( ladyboylovers) Terri is not a L.B.
    Thersa Ramos is a well educated girl from Baguio who splits her time between the night spots of Olongapo and the High End Bars in Baguio! Not as cost efficient as some of Nicke's Heard but
    much more interested in making you happy! I must admit I go off for a little Sierra Tango but not all that often. Last time she had to go to Manila overnight to see family but that was my only LT.

    I made my first sorte down Magsyasya Blvd in 1967 noting a number of L.B.'s I'd say that Thailand has a much greater selection both in number and quality of the 3rd sex. Bennie Boy, as they a known, don't generally measure up to those LB's of
    Soi Cock-A-Dildo. Due to that there are not the Lady Boy followers that flock to P.I. I can't say as for Manila and Angles City as I chose Subic over those for about the same reasons I chose Patong over Pattaya and Bangkok.....

    There is a water craft service from Manila to Olongapo and then taxi to the hotel in the freeport zone ( Old Navy Base) so I really don't see much of Manila. Been There and Done That etc.
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