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    Default Is Hinomaru Closed?

    There webpage seems to be down, is this place closed now?

    Also could anyone provide detailed instructions of how to get there?
    If it is closed, could someone tell me of a BJ bar in Tokyo that caters to non Japanese speaking foreigners?

    I will be staying in Shinjuku , so central Tokyo areas are best

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    Default Is Hinomaru Closed?

    They are still open was there last week, there web site is


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    Default Is Hinomaru Closed?

    It has changed to:


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    Default Is Hinomaru Closed?

    Where is this located and what do the offer? FS or just BJ's?

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    Default Is Hinomaru Closed?

    I would like to know the system of the place as well. Also, why are the prices so cheap?

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    Default Is Hinomaru Closed?

    They're a pink salon. I'll let Wikipedia handle the explanation for me.

    Pink salon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    From my own limited experience, all I can add is that you can do pretty much anything you like, short of vaginal penetration. Your mileage may vary, of course.

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    Default Is Hinomaru Closed?

    Thank you for the reply. Very interesting. The prices are cheap too.



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