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    Default help: gaijin friendly pink salons

    Thanks fernet for the info, I may check that place out the nexttime I'm in Tokyo. Planning to be Their sometime in January 2010

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    Default help: gaijin friendly pink salons

    this is what I found till now searching around, I hope it could help somebody else:

    SUPERGIRLS - PINSARO - Shinbashi Station

    A go-to recommendation for a round-eye is to go to the Shinbashi Station, on several lines and two stops off JR Rail from Tokyo Station. Exit to the Hibiya Park side, not the side that says, "To Old Shinbashi"). Walk to the left side of the square and pass a stationary statue-like locomotive to your right. Go down the street between an Irish pub and Kirin Coffee shop. From the top of the street go 70 - 90 normal-size paces and look for a blue Kanji sign perpendicular to the wall. Against the wall is a white sign in red letters that says, "Supergirls." That's a blow job bar that takes foreigners. It's not quite the defunct Seki-21, as you get one girl. But I tell you, she'll give you a toe-curling BBBJCIM (with a tad of swallow maybe).

    Oh, the booths have walls about 4 ft high, so you'll notice bobbing heads and hear various sounds. That doesn't make me uncomfortable. I do get uncomfortable at the offer of LFK, but simply turn your head. This is the only sure thing in Tokyo and it feels a bit unreal, but I tell you the results are very real.

    Sliding scale depending on time of day: 6000 - 11,000 yen for 1/2 hour. There's a 15-minute rate, but ignore that, as they will. One pop, very little conversation afterwards. Tough to last more than 15 minutes.

    Hours are, I believe, 4 pm - 1 am. Trains quit running at midnight, so please remember that if you're budget-conscious. (A taxi ride could be quite pricey.)

    Girls will vary from 4 - 7 in looks, but generally 7 - 9 in customer service.


    From JR Shinbashi Station, take the Hibiya exit. There you will find a large pedestrian square with several monitors displaying commercials. There is also a large antique steam engine on display (a replica of the first train in Japan that linked Shinbashi with Yokohama). If you don’t see the train, you’re not at the right exit. It’s not the exit crowded with taxis or the exit underneath a bridge.

    Once you’re in the large pedestrian square, Supergirls is easy to find. Toward the front of the steam engine, there is a pedestrian street (Shinbashi Naka Dori) that dead-ends into the street bordering the square.

    At the entrance of this street sits two buildings on either side: one with several green signs with white lettering ("Lake" in kaeforum.xxxana) and a green sign on top of the building that says "Hono Bono Lake" in white hiragana & kaeforum.xxxana; and the other building has a "Yen Shop" sign on top of it. There is also a Kirin City restaurant just a few feet down the street. Go down that pedestrian street. Supergirls is on the right side, about 50 to 75 yards.


    Hinomaru 日の丸

    Shop: Hinomaru
    Service: Salon
    Hours: 05:00 - 13:00
    Cost (20mins): 4,000
    Station: Shinjuku
    Map: http://www.hinomaru-caba.com
    Web site: http://www.hinomaru-caba.com

    Guest Very good and very gaijin friendly, been there
    twice today. On FS in the morning (7AM) and
    one bbbj at 7PM.
    Very easy to find, I]m posting the adress in japanese, 東京都新宿区歌舞伎町2丁目36-3, paste it in under maps.google.com
    and also look at the street view.
    Ando please remember the spelling, very
    big sign of the place - 日の丸
    And buy a compass, makes life easier, east exit at shinjuku and head north.


    Anything else?

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    Default help: gaijin friendly pink salons

    Hi all
    I'll be in Tokyo for a couple of weeks in november and I'm looking for some updated infos on this city.
    I'm specially interested in Pink Salons (aka pinsaro) as they seems to be the best "low budget" option... does anyone knows "gaijin friendly" pinsaro actually open? I've found some informations around the forums but nothing up to date, and it seems like tokyo sex scene is changing a lot lately.

    Any kind of suggestion is welcome, thanks for helping



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