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    Default Russian Girls in Tokyo

    You here discuss Russian agencies?
    I the girl who searches for friends for sexual entertainments

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    Default Russian Girls in Tokyo

    I never did think of trying to sample caucasian women in Japan, largely because I found the Japanese girls beutiful, gracious and readily available, either through escort services or through the bars near Shinjuku. Maybe my experience was a little different since I was there for six months as the only gaijin working with about 2 dozen Japanese. They were so committed to making sure I enjoyed Tokyo that I never had a problems finding someone who knew the city well with whom to go out at night.

    Most of the guys I know who worked as expats in Japan for far longer than I did really enjoyed themselves, and found the Japanese women delightful and anxious to get to know Westerners. I'm not dissing your experience. Just saying that there are lots of ways to enjoy the beauties of Tokyo.


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    Default Russian Girls in Tokyo

    jsjsjs - I found that agencies site - for same amount of money this agency in Tokyo charges per hour for one girl, you can have 2 to 5 girls for all night in Moscow( 2 from Escort agencies or 6 from Leningradka). Plus you get a better selection in Moscow.

    Why do you want to get laid with Russian hooker in Tokyo, when you can get better prices in selections in Tokyo?

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    Default Russian Girls in Tokyo

    I've been visiting Tokyo quite frequently for the last couple of years (usually, every two months or so). Being originally from Russia, I was naturally inclined to seek Russian girls for fun when I am on my trips.

    Initially, I visited Kabuki-cho area (close to Shinjuku station). Most of the places there are closed for gaijins, like myself, and those who accept foreigners have usually only Asian girls (Koreans, it seems). There are a few hostess bars, where one can find Caucasian girls, but hostess bar is a natural ripoff, in my opinion.

    Later, I discovered Roppongi. More Caucasian girls, even some Russian places, but all of them are essentially hostess bars (same problem -- you waste money with little or no result).

    I finally decided to try escort services. The trouble was that most of the escorts in Tokyo also have Japanese ladies, so I was pleasantly surprised
    to find "Alla Escort" (not sure how about the commercial restriction in this forum, and whether if I should give the URL, but anyone equipped with Google can easily look it up).

    I gave Alla's site a try when I found her Web page, and I've been sticking with her girls ever since. Her Web site is English and all girls speak English
    as well (not that I care about the latter part, since I prefer communicating
    with them in Russian -- that gets my juices flowing).

    The girls change from time to time; among the current ones, I tried only Olga.
    At that time, I was interested to experience a dominatrix, and Olga handled
    that quite well (apparently, she can play a slave role as well).

    Depending of the girls availability, a lesbian group seems to be also available,
    but I never had time to sample that.

    Looking forward to get back to Tokyo soon...



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